ResumePlay: The Golden Path: The Merciless Hooks of MMOs

Jim Hargreaves writes: "I had never laid my hands on a single bit of MMO action until late 2007. Don't get me wrong, I had always wanted to play one since the days of Everquest; but to be fair I was a bit young to be shelling out subscription fees and upgrading my computer. However, after hearing about World of Warcraft's global success of 11 million players and counting, I had just finished with Warcraft III for the PC and I was intrigued. I had actually purchased the client disc for World of Warcraft a few months prior to playing it, but wasn't sure WHEN to play it. Luckily, my older brother was on hand with half of the subscription fee as we pitched in together in order to buy a solid flow of subscription cards, and that was how I came to play my first MMO."

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Ziriux3326d ago

Some MMO's can be good.

Baross20253326d ago

Me and WoW share a love/hate relationship