Top 10 office stress-busters - Flytrap Games round-up

Flytrap writes: "Did you catch The Apprentice final last night? It made us feel slightly depressed - not because we've got anything against Yasmina (though we'd sooner stalk Kate), but because for Yasmina as for any other new white collar stooge it's all downhill from here.

You know what we're talking (typing) about, city slickers. Once the buzz of landing a new job has faded, the abrasive realities of office life will come to the fore. Maliciously worded emails. Overlings passing the buck, and underlings goofing off. Conspiratorial talk round the coffee machine.

In that kind of atmosphere, it's vital to left off steam regularly. And that's where our latest game round-up comes in. Here are ten of the internet's finest anti-angst experiences - guaranteed methods of venting stress without embedding a PDA in somebody's cranium.

Congrats, Yasmina - we'll catch you at yoga class. Incidentally, would you mind passing on Kate's new phone number?"

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