What Happened Sony?!

"We all remember when Sony first unveiled the PlayStation Home service for the PlayStation 3 back in 2007. What they showed seemed to be truly amazing, but it is two years later and have we seen it yet? "

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WildArmed3360d ago

umm.. i guess they missed all the updates n new spaces they are adding.
So its still happening.
Sure, its nothing what they made it look like in 05.
But half the crap never is lol

UnSelf3360d ago

Home is the Mario of the Virtual Social World

God of War 3 is the Mario of the action world

Uncharted 2 is the Mario of the adventure world

Gran Turismo 5 is the mario of the racing world

Demon Souls is the mario of the RPG world

Infamous is the mario of the open world

Killzone 2 is the mario of the FPS world

MGS4 is the mario of the stealth/action world

Warhawk is the mario of the multiplayer world

PSP is the GameBoy of modern time

Sony is the Nintendo of modern time

Genesis53360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Yeah there is quite a bit of stuff to do in Xi alone. Then there is the other spaces like Red bull island and the EA sports plex. There is a lot more going on in home now and it seems to grow every week.

All Time Greatness3360d ago

You get bubbles for being delusional.

kevnb3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

anyone with half a brain knew that right from the start. I was so upset when they announced it and then canceled a handful of games.

mastiffchild3360d ago

Don't go then kev, I rarely do myself but the fact remains that Sony are already making money in Home and people do love it. If you're a long term gamer like we are then no it isn't really for you but come the(eternal optimist talks)price drop and a wider demographic and Home could be really big news for Sony in terms of cash.

The potential for Home is still massive whether it appeals to the core or not and if it helps Sony publish/develop more games in the future then it's no vain venture at all. Hopwever, if they introduce trophies for chess I'm all over it like a rash-my sunday morning hangover chess club was rudely ignored for trophy support and is one of the reasons I rarely visit these days!

On topic, slagging home is SO passe.

INehalemEXI3360d ago

you put it so well man , I feel the same way. +bub

Nick2120043360d ago

I agree except it should also include the features they showed two years ago.

Armyless3360d ago

So they can visit and hang out any time they want.

UnSelf3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

right back at u demon, and reluctantly, u too all time.

i think my disagrees stem from ppl not agreeing mario was the epitome of gaming back in 88

but then again 90% of the ppl in this site wasnt born before 92

Eddie201013360d ago

Seems we're back where we were a few months ago with the I hate everything Sony articles. Every time the Xbox fanboys feel threatened we get all these stupid two paragraph articles that really say nothing.

Home is still in beta, it has received lots of content and improvements in the six months it has been in beta. Sony made no bones about it being in public beta for some time. As it is, there are lots of people who use and enjoy the service.

It's like all the fanboys saying that Sony's E3 Press conference failed because they used five minutes of the two hour conference to give sales numbers and user numbers, even though the other hour and fifty minutes were pretty darn good.

Immortal Kaim3360d ago

I like Sony's offerings as much as the next guy, but that was a little naive. I assume you haven't been gaming for long...

50CALheadshot3360d ago

i thought home was supposed to let you gather your friends and setup a online matcgh with "whatever" game, then launch you and your friends into the game as a party.

wtf happened to that? or am i missing something?

ukilnme3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

@ Eddie20101

"Seems we're back where we were a few months ago with the I hate everything Sony articles. Every time the Xbox fanboys feel threatened we get all these stupid two paragraph articles that really say nothing."

LMAO. Somehow I think you are perfectly fine with all the "I hate everything MS articles" everyday when the Sony Faithful feel threatened.


On topic though. Home does not offer much that I like for now. Hopefully Sony will come up with something that wows me.

Omegasyde3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

The other night I decided to go get some trophies for some old games because I was really that bored...

So instead of going to and HOPING for a quick enough reply, I went into the HOME plaza/square area and shouted (typed in caps)


5 minutes later, I had 6 people whom PSN Id's I added
(there is no game launching for Wipeout hd yet)
and we created a tournament to race .
(secretly I was in it for trophies)

I really thought HOME was Lame until I realized just how important of a tool it can be to gather people to play a game where the Online community might be dead. Its also great if you are a Trophy Wh*re and look at random people's trophies while browsing in Home. You then ask them, how they got that trophy or if they knew any tricks.

Give it a try. Its hit or miss, but it can be hella of alot faster than typing in a forum looking for people whom still have a old game.

EDIT: I overheard a group of people who met on home actually shiping each other thier games i.e. borrowing through the mail.

INehalemEXI3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

I see all those disagrees but he does have a point. Who represents on all fronts of gaming, not just all genre's even. Only Sony.

They got the dirt cheap PS2 still with games coming out for it, a presence in the hand held market and a presence in the HD arena with PS3 and a growing Virtual presence since PSN has come.

PSN continues to improve and Home still in its infancy it will improve..but it already seems ahead compared to anything else on consoles like it. That said I am not super social so its not a biggie to me.

side note: notice how you already see the bottom of that avatars foot in the pic...BAM? Good point Omega

UnSelf3360d ago

yea uh, just a suggestion, but u might wanna uh take a gander at 1.10

u kno, just to be on the safe side

50CALheadshot3360d ago

last time i was in home, i got bored and pissed off at all the loading so i put on resistance2.

honestly, there is potential to make a "portal" for us.........i know theyre working on it. maybe i havent really given it a chance

Immortal Kaim3360d ago

And? You are part of the 90% right?

Mario is an icon (both within the industry and out), I'm not saying any of those games are bad or anything, they are all fantastic, but Mario is certainly still relevant.

Redempteur3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Let's see ..

-At least 2 NEW spaces by month
-Image sharing ..

-New spaces coming ( infamous , fight night round 4 and killzone confirmed )

-Events organised on a regular basis ( like these Street fighters 4 tornaments during E3 on the us server ) or the star trek event on the EUR server and don't get me started on the idolmaster meetings on the Jap server ...
Or that FREE chamber during that week ( on the Us server ) or these limited WATCHMEN ornaments ( ON the EUR server ) Or that event to win the first 4 episodes of SIREN:BLOOD CURSE for FREE !!!

FACT: 85% of people using home come back regularly ...

Conclusion : what happened is that HOME is growing well with new spaces , new mini games ( like in that resistance 2 space )..
You just have to check the rankings for the poker area or the red bull space to SEE how much time some people are actually spending in home ...

Another fact is that you can't prove me wrong on theses points

JL3360d ago

I think people are really overly critical of Home. Maybe it's because they think it's supposed to be some kind of game or something? I don't get the gripe so much. It does exactly as it's meant to do: a social networking program (with some minigames thrown in for good measure). I've had plenty fun in Home on occasions. Granted yes there are several things that could made better about Home. For instance, that waiting in line thing is tiresome. Though i would like to hear their reasoning for that move, maybe it's to circumvent some technical issue or whatnot. And we all have ideas of things that would be cool to implement into Home, but it's a work in progress. And as it stands now it does it's job well. Few of the biggest gripes i hear are: 1) TV and radio---i'm sure there are copyright things that kinda hold that back, i'm sure they're trying though. 2)more free customization/not charging for things---seriously? i figure they give away enough free stuff as is, and over time it's only going to pile up. But come on this thing costs money, at least let them make it back somehow. I'd much rather go to a concert that only asks for donations in exchange for extra goodies, than to be forced to pay to get in. 3)nothing to do---obviously you're not doing it right. or trying to use Home for something other than what it was meant. It's like me going online to play Killzone and saying it's boring and nothing to do because i dont like shooting people. and 4) game launching, while i agree this would make things a bit easier, is it really that hard to meet people online then set up to meet on a game somewhere? i've done it for Killzone and LBP both, wasn't that hard at all. And really i'm not sure how much of game launching it left to the developers to incorporate either.

At the end of the day, no not everybody is going to like Home, and shouldn't expect it any other way. But i think some blow it way out of proportion and give Home a very bad wrap. It's fine as it is, and it's only getting better.

JL3360d ago

oh yea, how could i forget: and "i want my virtual trophy room". seriously? are people that concerned with showing off their accomplishments in some flashy way moreso than they are gaming? I dont' see the reason for this whatsoever, sounds even more useless than cross-game chat, which, in my opinion, is VASTLY overrated. here's an idea: how about gaming for the fun of it, rather than the ability to be able to show off to everyone how super awesome you are with all your cute lil trophies.

GrandTheftZamboni3360d ago


Yeah. I can hardly wait for the trophy room. I was gonna impress chicks with my collection. Seriously, who would go to someone's place just to admire his trophies.

Redempteur3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

that's why the trophy room is not even on the plannings !!

it's is much better to improve home by putting even more games on the launching list ( wipeout HD must be in it ... )

AND /OR to give gifts in home based on some trophies you've unlocked ..the goal is to reward players who play games ... give them specials songs or wallpaper from the game itself when you've unlocked some trophy ( that's what it should have been for street 4 )

i am in home every day ... and i could care less for the trophy room ..launching a killzone 2 or a wipeout HD FROM home ( or any other game ) is way more important

Ryangp3360d ago

I was so excited 2 years ago, now its out and its so boring. If it even had game launching for every game I'd go on it 10x more than i do now. I'm not impressed Sony.

Syronicus3360d ago

And just because I am one that says Home is not for me does not make home bad or suck. It makes Home what it is, a social network for people that want to enjoy a virtual world. Not for me but noth all that bad either.

Lifendz3359d ago

Sony offers a free online service. The otherside charges 50.00 bucks a year to maintain their predominantly peer to peer service. Sony has to generate revenue to subsidize this free service. So there's Home. You pay 50 cents here, 1.00 here, and Sony takes that money and puts it into the pot. The same pot that PS2 earnings go into. While I don't use Home, I don't fault Sony for it anymore. Whatever keeps PSN free.

And who knows, next time I get a refund from school I may take a few bucks and buy some virtual stuff in home. Assuming I've had a few adult beverages first ;).

JL3359d ago

lol exactly. great job at illustrating the gayness of it, really. in fact, i might go so far as to delete someone from my friends list if they seriously tried to convince me to come into their home just to look at their trophies. though i can SOOOOO see guys trying to pick up girls/"girls" showing off their trophy collection lol "hey baby, look how big this one is"

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Nick2120043360d ago

I understand that they are adding game spaces almost on a weekly basis now, but personally that is not enough to keep me coming back.

Johnny Rotten3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Give credit where it's due. HOME has improved greatly from 2 years ago, it may not be for everyone but what is?

The fact that you can acknowledge that they are adding in spaces weekly but still feel that way, then ya... clearly don't understand.

40cal3360d ago

85% of the people that go HOME come back. Nothing wrong with being a part of the other 15% though.

Why o why3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

but what is in the console business. We dont all like fps's, rpgs, puzzle, fighting games, hd films social networking...Its a free extra with games, social networking bundled together.

raztad3360d ago

Yeah home is really cool, I have some mates that pass more time on home that playing games :D

I dunno the 360 fans, but I take home over facebook anyday.

mastiffchild3360d ago

But even if you didn't you still have the choice of Facebook and Twitter for free on PS3 don't you?

The big deal made out of that stuff by MS didn't make sense to me as I hasve never felt the need to either tweet or visit Facebook on my PS3 ever- how many people are going to buy a 360 and pay for Live for those services? Services, I might add, that work sooo much better with a keyboard and how many people will, that love those services, be without a PC and/or buy a 360 and a bloody keyboard to go tweet or visit FB? I won't be doing either on my 360 though I already sub to Livewhy didn't thay just give us all a browser?

It just puzzled me, that's all.

Omegasyde3360d ago

THe VP of Sony marketing (Dillian) stated a while back that he was working on getting Facebook and other social network intergration through the PSN.

Personally I think its stupid. Now All my real life friends will know that I am a undercover geek.

"Wow, what a loser hes been playing a video game for 6 straight hours"

*Ninja Vanish*

Raoh3360d ago

HOME's problem is not home itself. it's sony. not to make this a bigger fanboy war but microsoft could have executed it better.

I only say that because microsoft are a software company with marketing money.

the waiting in line to play the home games hurt it. the promotion is lousy.

when sony promotes home they discuss the micro transactions. i also cant believe no one at sony used home and never said.. can we make this more streamlined access to the pool table/bowling alley so people can play and not walk away when they want to play it?

Home to me is very cool and has tons of potential but its poorly executed. intergrating home with playstation life is a start. seemless access to games is a must. day and date release of home spaces with games is a must.

also with the space on blu ray, HOME installs should be added to every blu ray game.

etc etc etc

thebudgetgamer3360d ago

but at the same time the constant flow of people says sony is doing something right.

Omegasyde3360d ago

If home was MS controlled, we would of been blitzkrieged by infomercials.

MS is the king of marketing.

ultimolu3360d ago

Home was...well wasn't really Home when I first downloaded it. I hate to admit this but I wasn't sure about it in the beginning. But after all the stuff Sony's adding, who can complain now?

WildArmed3360d ago

So what its not for you.
There are hundred thousands of who will disagree n spend 99% of their ps3 time on home.
The people who love chat room, love home..

People like me who are gamers, love gaming.. not home.
Its not a sin 2 be on either side :/