G4TV X-Play E3 2009 awards

A complete roundup of the G4TV awards have been released from the latest episode of X-Play, including the best PS3/360/Wii games, best of the show, and more.

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WildArmed3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

im laughin at the best multiplat game. (Brutal legend?)
dats a joke right?

Natal-best hardware yup
Uncharted 2--best game, yup.
Original game seemed a tie between Scribblenauts n heavy rain 4 me
360-- Mass effect 2 by far is the best game. Just mind blowing!
PS3- no surprise there, Uncharted 2 (dmn watch out GoW3!)
everything else seems solid

xabmol3394d ago

Tim Schafer is a creative genius, Jack Black is hysterical and I am a huge old school Metal fan.

Brutal Legend is EASILY my most anticipated 3rd party game.

Syronicus3393d ago

Biggest surprise, no mention of FFXIV... Did these guys know about this before hand?

Second, Best Technical Achievement – Software, I can't see how the tenth installment of a game could be a true technical achievement considering they have had that many titles prior to make it right...

Just a couple.

chidori6663393d ago

brutal legend looks meh game..

nirwanda3393d ago

I thought lost planet 2 looked like the best multi platform game and that didn't even make the list

raztad3393d ago

You speak true nirwanda

I guess as soon as it was announced multiplat, the hype died down quickly. Very funny. Im very impressed with Lost Planet 2 visuals. I hope the gameplay is as good.

SevWolf3393d ago know wat's funny i looked at that list of multiplats...and I would choose brutal legend, just because Ive never seen its gameplay(apart from the trailers), and when I saw its demo it just looked like pure fun, no that there's anything wrong with MW2 I liked the variety but its a shooter, and I have a bad taste from shooters...takin a break from FPS', but assassin creed 2 comes just a bit short of best multiplat in my book
as for best ps3 game, I was wowed by both uncharted and GOW, each in its special way, you cant compare them, and thats wat makes them both that AMAZING, wow wat a variety...also cant wait for ME 2, looks very promising, happy that theres more action this time

xabmol3393d ago

Tim Schafer 'IS' a creative genius, Jack Black 'IS' hysterical and I 'AM' a huge old school Metal fan.

So, yeah...

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knox3394d ago

i think uncharted 2 deserved its awards, same with scribblenauts actually

chrisnick3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

yeah couldn't agree more

Simon_Brezhnev3394d ago

to me its hard to say the best ps3 game i think god of war 3 takes the crown

WildArmed3394d ago

lol love ur avatar
+ bubbles.

now to make a driod alliance one? :D

knox3394d ago

i love god of war 3 to, that and uncharted are great

lloyd_wonder3394d ago

Lots of sites are giving Uncharted GoTS.

WildArmed3394d ago

uncharted2 n GoW3 are totally securing that.
Dont blame em.
They were the best live demo's there

knox3394d ago

i agree with skv, those were the best demos by far

BlackPrince 423394d ago

Yeah I think Uncharted had the best live demo of any game in the conference. GOW 3 was cool, but I get a real sense of deja vu when I see the character animations.

I'm glad Uncharted is getting the recognition it deserves though. UDF was like the sleeper hit of 07 so it's nice to know that this franchise is building up some buzz outside of those of us who were already rabid fans of the first.

Time Lord3394d ago

Hardly sleepers hit,the game has established fanbase now and should do really well sales wise, won't be suprised if it will be the best selling 1st party game for Sony this gen so far.

JL3393d ago

Um....isn't that the very definition of a sleeper hit? Meaning it sold much better than the hype it got. It outdid expectations. Maybe you don't understand the term? or maybe you didn't realize he was talking about the first Uncharted when he said "sleeper hit"?

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