PlayStation 3 Exclusive Line-Up Looking Stellar

Gaming Union writes "Sony came into their conference with all guns blazing as they showed a host of games for their premier system, the PlayStation 3.

The collection was large, and there were a lot of multi-platform titles on show, but they also did some extensive live demos of the games which are coming exclusively to their system. There was also a large quantity of other exclusive titles available for playing on the show floor."

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Kyll3394d ago

yay damn straight it's "stellar" xD

Simon_Brezhnev3394d ago

and no other system can compete

WildArmed3394d ago

no kidding
I never have to wonder-- if there is any game worth picking up now

I already have lots to pick from!

mephman3394d ago

Quite a contrast to a fair few months ago when people said there were no games.

WildArmed3394d ago

omg thats right.
i totaly 4got ppl used to say ps3 has no games.

Sony sure turned that around.

irish-leprecaun3393d ago

wat rock were u living under?

arika3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

this is all i have got to say.. sony i hate you! you guys are going to make me file for bankruptcy now, because of all the impressive games that is coming to ps3 how can i resist!

seriously check out my PS3 exclusive games list:

FF 14 and VERSUS

UnSelf3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Sony in 2009/10

is what

Nintendo was in 88'

Xbox is more like those 9,999 games in 1 devices

cheap buy, cheap thrills, cheap hardware

Sarcasm3393d ago

Not just the PS3, but the PSP seems to have the biggest line up it's ever had.

MGS: Peace Walker
Motorstorm Arctic Edge
Assassin's Creed


Mindboggle3393d ago

Anyone agree that stellar is one of those words that really shouldnt mean what it does.

It sounds like it should mean weak/crap/not alot.

FamilyGuy3393d ago

When you actually put together the list of all the upcoming PS3 exclusives it's really hard to get an argument going.

Nothing much to see here folks, just the reason why all PS3 owners were happy with E3 and why they keep arguing that sony won, not only as an opinion, but as a fact.

This is JUST the PS3 exclusives. No mention of the great incoming multi-plats and no mention of the incoming psp line-up. This is probably the best E3 yet.

rockleex3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

That Japanese devs don't have to "westernize" their games.

Just look at the AMAZING graphics, animations, fur, feather, wind physics, interaction, lighting, etc!!! O_O

It far surpasses MANY western games this generation.

Anyways, I hope many Japanese devs look at The Last Guardian as an inspiration to make great visionary games, and to stop making games that cater to an audience that has no interest in what they're doing in the first place! >_<

Crap will always be crap, no matter how hard you try to dress it up as a "westernized Japanese game". So stop making crap and start making what you truly wanted to make in the first place!!!

The great thing about Sony is that they support visionary developers, although it is risky and Sony could potentially lose a lot of money. But they care more about offering the most unique titles in the industry, rather than making run-of-the-mill games that sell great.

This is why I support Sony. ^_^

JoySticksFTW3393d ago

Seriously, Sony crammed amazing, exclusive game after amazing, exclusive game down our throats at this year's E3 -- and very few media members are acknowledging it.

At least we still get to play the games. But with a little positive press touting their must-haves; Sony could have better sales forcing better dev support (Looking at you Square and Valve)

40cal3393d ago

My wallet just tried to take off running.

aaron58293393d ago

Quality Exclusives over Quantity Exclusives.

The x360 has quality exclusives !! Sony as usual with their inferior exclusives... with average meta 80%.


50CALheadshot3393d ago

for those of you not in the uncharted beta.............HOLY$#it, wait til you get a load of that!!!!

SaiyanFury3393d ago

Yeah many people debate which company "won" E3. I don't think any one company won. Whoever won is for the people who follow one camp. For some it was Microsoft. For others it was Nintendo. For me it was Sony. They had the games I am excited for as well as some great innovation. Sony's motion sensing tech with the PS Eye was awesome. Seeing it track the controllers 1:1 was really sweet. If they can make an RPG where I can attack and defend with a sword and shield just on my movements, then that will be really cool.

On another note, Assassin's Creed 2 really appealed to me. So many new options to use, and so many new features as well as they obviously optimised the game's engine. Assassin's Creed 2 was the game that appealed to me the most. Uncharted 2 as well as the new Ratchet& Clank game are the ones that appeal to me the most. Of course I must admit The Last Guardian as an appealing game. Sony simply had more of what I was looking for, and in that, they won for me.

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Selyah3394d ago

pretty damn awesome to be honest

Kratos193394d ago


WildArmed3394d ago

meh. I'd give Mass effect 2 some cred.
its the best game i'm looking 4ward 2.
effing amazing.

can't wait 4 these games n mass effect 2!

360DownINflames3394d ago

I imagine so will the 2nd...

Sonys exclusive line up is MASSIVE. Untouchable by Microsoft.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3393d ago can Twitter all day!!! ;-D Or go on FaceBook??? ;-D
Or soon you can talk to 'Milo' all day!!! ;-D

Hmm...i can go on those sites and Billions of other ones on my SEXY;)PS3 already tho??? Hmm... ;)


cmrbe3394d ago

features that the PS3 already has and mothin controller is more important this year to some people.

I'll take stellar gamelineup over anything else anyday.

mephman3393d ago

Yea, although the motion control is pretty cool as well.

Kyll3393d ago

I hope they actually do something with the motion controllers

ArsArcanum3393d ago

yeah, Sony's tech demo of their motion controls feels like what the next gen wii would be.

I can't understand people that say natal is better than Sony's motion controls.
The demonstration they showed at e3 just made natal appear to be broken and that Richochet game demo just reminds me of that eyeplay game where u stupidly wave your arms about to hit those ghost thingies flying towards you.

I just hope that sony can support their motion controllers with good games.

Imagine playing oblivion with Sony's motion controls.

Now that would be epic

aaron58293393d ago

Exactly what i was thinking !!

Oblivion style of games using the motion...

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Create3394d ago

The lineup is crazy, wasnt too sure if buying a ps3 was a good investment, but the amount of new AAA games/the possibilities in the future are insane.