TheBBPS: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

TheBBPS writes: "I am a huge advocate of co-op and I can't help but feel that this game would've really benefited from it. Invading an EDF post and gunning down soldiers while your buddy rigs up the building for explosion would've been tons of fun. Instead, Red Faction: Guerrilla gives you the option of playing with a real-life buddy in Wrecking Crew. It's a party mode that supports up to four players (on one controller, nonetheless) who take turns causing the most destruction in a predetermined amount of time, with slight variations. Even my non-gaming friends enjoyed this one, and since it doesn't involve brutality of any sort (unless, of course, you bring a building down on your own head), it might even give parents one of those rare opportunities to play something with their kids that doesn't suck. I'm looking at you, Wall Street Kid".

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