UGO: Need For Speed: Shift Preview

UGO writes: "For the hardcore racing fan, the name Need For Speed might leave some lingering bitterness after last year's offering. NFS: Undercover, a middling arcade-y racing game, disappointed long term and casual players alike. But, EA ain't a bunch of fools. Last January they announced 3 NFS at once, all focused in different directions: Need for Speed: Nitro for the Wii, Need for Speed World Online, a PC only title and Need For Speed: Shift, the flagship of the franchise. This three-headed hydra is a new beast for the venerated racing franchise. After a recent trip to Sweden to check out the game and put some time in at DICE studios in Stockholm, I've come away thinking Need for Speed: Shift will prove eponymously correct. You have never seen a NFS game like this before, and you can thank the collaboration between Black Box and Slightly Mad Studios for it."

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