IGN: Grand Slam Tennis Review

IGN writes: "Grand Slam Tennis is an impressive package on Wii, and one of the best tennis games I've ever played. This opening year of Wii MotionPlus support – and the fact that it's the first time out the gate for this series – leaves a few odd experiences to be had, and it's not quite a true 1:1 experience for real-racquet movement, but minus a bit of a learning curve and some mechanical serving the experience is surprisingly fun and really, really addictive. It may seem daunting at first to deal with character movement, swing control, and button modifiers for lobs and drops, but once you get in the zone you'll feel a level of connectivity that other games on the system just don't have, and it's paled only in comparison with Tiger Woods which is simply amazing this year. On top of some impressive, extremely accurate – once you get the feel for them – motion controls the game is also packed with content, including a full Grand Slam career mode, create-a-character, impressive online play that puts country vs. country play at the forefront of it all, and a party mode I actually want to play. I'm hoping EA goes even further with MotionPlus next year, including stronger motion serving and true hand-tracking, but as a debut franchise and rookie MotionPlus effort EA is already raising the bar for sports games on Wii".

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