How did our E3 09 real life psychic predictions turn out?

Destructoid writes:

"A few days before E3, I posted a feature in which I visited a real-life psychic named Madame Christine of the Ether here in Los Angeles and asked her to make some real life psychic predictions about what would happen during last week's huge industry gaming event. The psychic didn't just give me a list of predictions -- she also gave me a full breakdown of what would happen to the big three companies (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) during E3 and into the rest of 2009.

The results were, to say the least, absolutely fascinating.

But how accurate were her predictions? Did Madame Christine genuinely know what she was talking about, or did she trick me into being a believer by using all her mystical crystals and psychic crazy talk?"

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Shnazzyone3240d ago

hope they do it again next year... it was a great and unique way to take on the people making predictions leading up to the event. I officially like whoever was involved in making that article a reality.