MS Discusses Hulu on 360 and's Xbox Live Gold Exclusivity

G4's Patrick Klepek interviews Microsoft corporate VP John Schappert about, tiered Xbox Live gold subscriptions, and possibility of Hulu coming to the Xbox 360.

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KionicWarlord2223389d ago

hmm Microsoft thinking about hulu.

"I will say that we are always -- I think as evidenced by our partnerships that we've announced -- we're always looking at new opportunities," said Schappert. "We want to offer the best entertainment on Xbox Live in as many countries as we can. But it takes a while to get these deals done, it takes a while to form these relationships, form these partnerships and find a great experience for [all] of our partners. Suffice to say, I don't think the Facebook, Twitter, Skye partnerships are gonna be the last ones we're going to announce, but nothing new beyond that."

AAACE53389d ago

I just remembered that back in like 2006, MS announced IPTV would be coming to the 360! For some reason, this never materialized, and we just got the movie download thing. I wonder if they were just waiting for something like Hulu to come along?

Mu5afir3389d ago

Not sure if the Xbox can run Flash & Java.. either way.. if your going to bring Hulu to the system. Why not just add a web browser.. that would kill two birds with one stone.

KoB4EMvPi3389d ago

Official Hulu integration into the 360 will be killer.
Im already using this on my PS3 but it really is not that friendly with the old version on Flash the PS3 web Browser uses.

Cant wait to see what they got in store.

thebudgetgamer3389d ago

i watch it all the time on my ps3. sometimes its bothersome though, with the occasional crashes. its still very cool to have though since im usualy to busy to watch my fav shows.


nnotdead3389d ago

Facebook, Twitter, and now Hulu, are available on PS3 via web browser. if only the browser was better. Sony upgrades it every now and then, but it works well enough. Sony should really push that they already have features like this.

GiantEnemyCrab3389d ago

Yes, having this integrated would be excellent.

But for anyone wanting it now I would recommend PlayOn. I tried the 14 day trial and decided to buy it because it really does work excellent on both the PS3 and 360. With the extra plugins you have access to YouTube, AdultSwim, podcasts, web based shows like Geek Brief and everyone's favorite Porn!

I've tried similar software but found PlayOn worked the best for me and had the most support.

thebudgetgamer3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

sounds cool i might have to check that out.

San Frandisco3389d ago

yeah crab cakes,wut does playON exactly do for the ps3?

Godmars2903389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Same thing that it does for the 360: allows your PC to stream media into it.

$40 at this point I think. I got it when it was $20.

IzKyD13313389d ago

I used playon too, but I only did the free trial. With hulu and a couple other websites, I really don't need to watch all my TV shows using a paid service

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chisox1003389d ago

big deal I can access it already from my PS3's internet browser

thebudgetgamer3389d ago

thats not the point. not everyone has a ps3 and this is a cool service.

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