zConnection: The Sims 3 (iPhone) Review

zConnection's Connor Beaton writes: "What we understand today as mobile gaming is so radically different to what we called mobile gaming half a decade ago that it's hard to believe both are covered by the same term. At the start of the century, a blocky black-and-white game of Snake was considered impressive, and bored office workers, students and corporate executives would often whip out their brick-like Nokia phone to try and beat their latest high score.

"Back then, seeing a game like The Sims 3 on the iPhone in such an accurate interpretation of the PC version might have seemed like dreams of a distant future, decades ahead. However, it's available here and now. Players begin by creating a virtual character called a Sim who will then move into one of the houses in the suburbs where the game is set. They can then socialise, have fun, and get a job; players will also have to make sure their Sims never go hungry, always get enough sleep, and don't kill themselves with the stove."

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