GamePro: Tales of Monkey Island Preview

GamePro writes: "I promise that when Tales of Monkey Island comes in for review (it?ll be released on PC and WiiWare in episodic chunks just like Wallace and Grommit and if you pre-order, you get an actual box art sleeve drawn by Steve Purcell which is awesome), I won?t personally review it. Im afraid that Ill be seen as biased considering how much I?ve gushed about the game already after an admittedly short demo. I?ll make sure the game is reviewed by someone who can be objective and fair. But I personally will buy the game regardless of what score my reviewer gives it because I?m a huge fan of both Monkey Island and Telltale Games. And while the reviews editor in me is trying its best to reserve judgment until I get my hands on the final product, the fanboy in me cant help but be excited to set sail on the seas with Guybrush again".

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