The Portable Gamer Review: iDroidsMania for iPhone

TPG writes: "iDroidsMania takes me back to the days of Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog as I love side-scrolling platforming games."

"I really like this game. It's hard on some level because the controls aren't superb, changing weapons is a little annoying, and remembering which buttons prompt which action takes a little getting used to doing. After you get over this learning curve, which should take less than 15 minutes, you should enjoy this cute game!"

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CrAppleton3394d ago

Looks awesome, those controls sound a bit tough though

Neco5123394d ago

Yeah, a lot of games have a learning curve for controls that's not too big of an issue

DaRockSays3394d ago

it IS an issue tho cuz som of thes games are too hard to get used to

wondroushippo3394d ago

That's the one problem with the iDevices - virtual button controls can be a pain. Some games do them well, others don't.

I'm really hoping that with 3.0, someone comes out with a gamepad accessory like there was some prototypes of in the jailbreaking community - not that any game should use it exclusively as I don't want to carry a gamepad accessory around my iTouch all the time, but support of it would be great.

CrAppleton3394d ago

More and more great games on the iPhone

wondroushippo3394d ago

I don't know what it means either, but that "bald cute" does exist makes me feel a lot better as baldness runs in the family. Score!

roblef3394d ago

Thank gods for innovative gameplay. I wonder if you get to blow things up, though?