MS kills Coffin Policy, Pack RRoD Xbox Yourself

Microsoft – the manufacturer of the RRoD-prone Xbox 360 – has confirmed to Joystiq that it's discontinued its policy of providing a prepaid box with shipping label, more commonly referred to as the "coffin," for all Xbox 360 repairs. As of May 26 the policy was discontinued "in an effort to expedite the repair process." Customers will have the option of receiving an e-label to slap on the box they ship their bricked consoles in, but the days of the "coffin" are now over.

A Microsoft spokesperson tells Joystiq, "Customers can now ship their consoles themselves using an e-label provided by Microsoft and do not need to wait for an empty box to be shipped to them."

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WildArmed3393d ago

"Our advice: Mail it to Microsoft in whatever packaging you've got lying around (remember: they're going to fix it regardless) and save the special, custom-fit packaging they mail it back to you in. Odds are you'll use it again."

Btw, its not as bad as it sounds.
Sure ur 360 might get more damaged then it woulda if MS sent u a real packaging box.
But nothing to cry over

green3393d ago

Do they provide boxes in the US? because i had RROD last year April and i had to put it in my own box and i am based in the UK.

MiloGarret3393d ago

Yeah me too, based on sweden.

WildArmed3393d ago

yes they did provide boxes in US.
then they call u up n say pay another 100 bucks mista

potenquatro3393d ago

I don't live in U.S.A., but I live in america and have had rrod. A UPS guy knocks on your door, Yells out "UPS TO PICK UP PACKAGE". You open the door, he pulls out a box, you slide your harddrive-less xbox, sign, close the door and go back to maturbating or reading n4g or whatever. It's VERY VERY convinient and it sucks that they're not doing it anymore. I haven't had another rrod so I wouldn't know. But it can't be that expensive to send it...Is it?

Anyhow. Nobody Is going to call you and ask for more money that's not true. Maybe it happened to him, but not to me or anybody I know. The whole process was fast(2 weeks),free and hasle free. But I'm aware some people have had problems

boodybandit3393d ago

When I had hardware issues in 06 and 07 and needed repairs MS sent me a box with instructions and a prepaid UPS shipping label. A few months ago when my Elite RROD'd they just emailed me a (call tag) prepaid return label and I had to box it myself and ship it out.

I guess it's just easier for them to do it that way now. It also cuts down on turn over time.

FamilyGuy3393d ago

Don't forget the bubble wrap, if they think the damage is physical your manufacturers warranty goes right out the window...

D4RkNIKON3393d ago

"Our advice: Mail it to Microsoft in whatever packaging you've got lying around (remember: they're going to fix it regardless) and save the special, custom-fit packaging they mail it back to you in. Odds are you'll use it again."

lol Quote of the day.. "Odds are you'll use it again."

heroicjanitor3393d ago

But when I sent my ps3 back to sony(aunty spilt water in the top of it...) I had to source my own box(at least they gave me back a refurbished one since it wasn't a manufacturing fault), how does sony america do it?

Anon19743393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

My first rrod they sent me the box and that was about 6 months after launch. The other two times I had to pack it and ship it myself. It was sure nice when they took care of the box and shipping that first time. It must cost them a fortune though.

3393d ago
NewZealander3393d ago

they havnt sent boxes out in NZ for a long time now, my mums xbox died last year (not RRoD tho) and she had to pack it her self, we also lied and said it had RRoD when it didnt and they repaired and sent back free of charge, thanks MS! :)

s8anicslayer3393d ago

I used a recycled box and it was a very simple transaction, much easier then waiting for them to ship a box to you, all in all the whole prcoess takes two week depending on where you live

mrlahey3393d ago

Never had a box sent to me, here in Denmark you had to find a box your self ever since that RRoD hell broke out.


Mine didnt get a box either. Sweden btw.

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Johnny Rotten3393d ago

They already started doing this over a year ago in Canada.

Last October I had to ship out #3, they supplied the packing slip via email and I supplied the box.

Munky3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Yup, had my third RROD last May, only diffference was that the packing slip was emailed to me and I printed it out but I had to provide my own box as well.

SpoonyRedMage3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I bet loads of people complain and say MS is ripping people off even when it's not that big of a deal.

You can get decent cardboard boxes rather easily.

@V: From what I know yes, if you have it. Don't know if you'd get it back though...

thebudgetgamer3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

can you just send the origanal box that you got your 360 in?

thanks. i always save the boxes from my console in case i have to move or something.

potenquatro3393d ago

I've heard of some people that send it with the original box, but don't get it back in the same original box, but in a regular mail box with bubble-wrap.

thebudgetgamer3393d ago

i still have the origanal box my 2600 came in from 1987.

ThatArtGuy3393d ago

if you bought your 2600 in 1987. The system was 10 years old at that point. NES was 2 years old already.

thebudgetgamer3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

i was 9 i told my parents i want a video games system, and what i got was a 2600. now that im older it makes sence. they got the 2600 and ten games for the same price it wouldve cost to get a nintendo alone. i still play it too. i didnt choose this name cause its clever. then two years later i got a master system.


Why o why3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )


you either have a big house, are over 35 or your parents are from the west indies:)

*seems im wrong on all three* ¬_¬

thebudgetgamer3393d ago

studio apartment
parents from puerto rico.


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San Frandisco3393d ago

wut a redonculous article.. who cares,not a big deal unless your an incredibly lazy ass.
You can just go behind shopping centers or stores/grocery outlets ect ect and find a trillion boxes there... just grab a sh!t load and itll hold you over for a long ass time.

Game13a13y3393d ago

dude, i would just pay them 5 bucks or sth to have them ship me a coffin instead of trying to find my own and waste my time.

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