Ride Summons in FF13, Shiva Sisters Named

Examiner: "Not much information has been shared on the gameplay front of Final Fantasy XIII. We know how the battle system works and general idea of most of the gameplay aspects. However, we still don't know how the summons will work; at least not entirely.

During E3, Square Enix showed off the premise of riding on your summon."

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Chris3993331d ago

And the dialog in the extended E3 trailer was especially cheesy and awkward. Only thing it has going for it are the graphics, which admittedly look beautiful (particularly the hair on the character models). I'm actually looking forward to XIV - and I don't care if it comes to the 360, this is about the theme - a return to actual "fantasy". Way too many guns, robots and machines in this iteration for my tastes. Even VII and VIII were signifigantly less cyber-punk than this title.

blacksniper3331d ago

I'm looking forward to FF14 too, but I still don't think that it will be as good as 13.

Grown Folks Talk3331d ago

are to be believed, you will be playing 14 before 13.