AtomicGamer: Dexter Preview

AtomicGamer writes: "For fans of the show, Dexter: The Game is bound to be a hoot. It's full of Dexter flavor from the voice of star Michael C. Hall, who does all the Dexter narration to the faithful 3D reproduction of Dexter's apartment, to the collection of blood sample trophies that allow players to reminisce about past cases. Players can also do blood spatter work in a mini-game at the Miami Police Station to up their Mask meter and interact with all the main characters, including taking girlfriend Rita out to the Crab Shack. As indicated by the series' upcoming fourth and fifth seasons, Dexter fans just can't get enough of the world's most likable serial killer. So if you're a fan of the show or just a fan of gallows humor, I suggest you check the game out when it's released on the iPhone this summer".

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