IGN: Fish'em All! Review

IGN writes: "I love the theme, setting and soundtrack that Fish'em All! presents -- good ole boys with banjos going fishing is just hilarious, and the way the concept is handled is great. But I can't imagine too many players will actually be able to have much fun with this one, since the control scheme's imprecision just makes you want to wildly and randomly swing the Wii Remote around -- and that gets to be really tiring, really fast. Some will argue that the controls aren't that bad, and if you're a player who's able to adapt and enjoy the game then I encourage you to have as much fun as you can with good old Jack and Walter. But when a game's own developer puts out an after-the-fact video to help players adjust to the controls, suggesting they cobble together awkward controller add-ons using kitchen utensils, then it's time to concede that there's a real problem, put down the nets, and keep on looking for the game that will, someday, finally get any kind of fishing right on the Wii".

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