nVidia GT300 targets 225W TDP

BSN: "Unlike AMD/ATI, nVidia spent Computex Taipei 2009 in silence, not mentioning anything about the future of their hardware. That was to be expected, given the fact that nVidia was also silent during Computex Taipei 2008, and then briefing select journalists about Tesla D1060 and S1070 week after the show in Santa Clara, CA. Of course, this was followed by launching GeForce GTX280 and GTX260 the week after.

Thus, nVidia is keeping silent about their DirectX 11 plans, but don't think that the timing of their "nVision Lite" [End of September 2009] is timed just because they want to talk about 15 month GT200 architecture. Our sources are confident that the part is on track, and that it will launch during Q3 2009. Again, according to the same sources, one of the primary concerns was how to avoid all the thermal spots that plagued the GT200 architecture."

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Kakkoii3475d ago

*Drools* Can't wait to get my hands on this card!