CN: The Best and Worst of E3 2009

Last week, College News reported live from E3 2009 at the LA Convention Center in California. With the convention finally done, CN finally has a chance to look at the expo in retrospect, review what the big publishers and developers brought to the table, and, of course, divvy out the awards for who brought their "A" game to one of the biggest, video game trade shows on Earth, and who probably should have just stayed home.

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Chicken Chaser3477d ago

Really? i was reading the article and it says

Best Press Conference:

"All that aside, it was Microsoft, however, who really stepped up their press conference game."

tehk1w13477d ago

I thought Sony had a good showing. FFXIV, however, just wasn't very impressive.

I lol'ed at the pic they used:

Dick03477d ago

dont worry ps3 owners am going to buy you all a gun so u can put yourselves out off your misery

kewlkat0073477d ago

Tally it up like game reviews...