New Tom Clancy teaser hits the web

French publisher Ubisoft knows where the money is to be gained. Its multimillion-selling Tom Clancy franchises have become a chief source of income, and with every new installment the series' seem to get more popular. Now they launch another teaser site for a new upcoming title.

Going to the site shows you a photo of a beaten man who seems to be either dead or unconscious, while a lot of military talk sounds and psychological analysis data is displayed on the screen, and clicking on different locations plays different audio clips.

(Please note: I put this under all next generation consoles and PC categories as it's not yet confirmed what the new game is, and what platform(s) it's being developed for.)

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T-Virus4268d ago

Is 'Firehawk.' Firehawks are helocopters and most of what is said on the teaser describes possible Helo' Rescue Missions of sorts. Just a guess anyway.

Ru4268d ago

Tom Clancy Games be throwing a Twist into there shooter's
I think this could be a farcry/Half life type game

Bigmac5734268d ago

His games are getting more and more stale.

gapzi11a4268d ago

These are some of my favorite shooters ever and they keep getting better and better. I think sales and popularity show that you are in the minority.

Extra Guy4268d ago

I never enjoyed his titles (along with the books), i really wanted to but i found it impossible to enjoy neither Vegas nor GRAW/2 (i just found them sterile). Each time i've been persuaded to try them only to find i don't enjoy them.

Ru4268d ago

Did You even Take the jump?

Ru4268d ago

Besides that tom clancy games are #1 Hits!
The last 3 were immaculate.

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