More details about Gran Turismo 5

After seeing the images on the E3 of Gran Turismo 5, we became very enthusiastic about Polyphony Digital's upcoming game. The cars are very detailed and the environments around the tracks has paid much attention by Polyphony Digital. Polyphony Digital has also shown that we can race in the NASCAR-league and there is an official license of the World Rally Championship. There is also added a damage model to the game. It's all very promising and Polyphony Digital has more stuff for us.

If the ideas are going to be implemented, it seems that customizing your car is further extended. The exclusive PlayStation 3 title has a web browser where you can buy parts for your car. Think about engines, exhaust valves and other similar components. These components can be put in any car, if you have a Ferrari, you can also put an Audi engine to that car. You will have the full freedom to customize your car which meet your needs. And the prices of the components are the same as in real life and with this you get the feeling like you are buying genuine parts for your ultimate racing. You can buy these components with the money you earned with racing in the game.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3475d ago

so i know you guys hate it when i call Gran Turismo, 'Gran Tismo' (even though i think its an awesome nickname. It even takes you directly to the Gran Turismo site if you type it into your browser bar) But would you guys hate me if I called Polyphony Digital 'P Ditty'? Come on, thats a good one lol.

PirateThom3475d ago

My rage burns with the force of a billion suns.

Gran Turismowned.

ultimolu3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

*fall out of chair laughing*

I hope a release date is coming. I love Gran Turismo. ;-;

SevWolf3475d ago

lol piratethom didn't see that coming
well we could also say polyphowned digitally...haha anybody come on you know u I suck at this

Megaton3475d ago

If you call Polyphony Digital 'P Ditty', I think you're required by law to also call Gran Turismo 'G Tizzy'.

uie4rhig3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

wouldn't that mean that P Ditty is going to Gran Turismown F Mitty?

does make me sound like a weirdo that can't come up with his own jokes.. owell i know better :) oh fine! i'll stop with my stupid jokes :(

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sonarus3475d ago

This is absolute BS to think this is all the new info we are getting. Nascar and WRC license is cool and we all knew damage would be there but that small shot of damage was BS. Its trash we didn't get to see the extent of the damage system.

PirateThom3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

That small shot actually showed quite a bit, even if it doesn't show the extent of the damage. I've actually gone through it frame by frame too

In that single shot it showed not only deformation of the bonnet of the car, but also the bonnet actually lifting and falling as the car hits (in-car view, 1min 27sec - 1min 28sec), the front bumper pulled away slightly away (1min 21sec), the extent of the paint damage in various degrees as well as the dirt (1min 32sec - 1min 33sec). In addition, from 1min 30secs on, you get a really good look at the suspension.

I think that's quite a lot of information, without going full hog and showing a car crashing into a wall, since, a. that's not what Gran Turismo is about, b. This is officially the first trailer of Gran Turismo 5.

MazzingerZ3475d ago

I'm suspecting damage only included for WRC

-MoOkS-3475d ago

Agreed, the damage wasn't exactly as detailed as other games from what I saw.

Maybe they just don't want to show all their cards at once, leave some details/feature's unrevealed.

DeadlyFire3475d ago

I suspect that Damage isn't complete. I am pretty sure that is mostly what they are aiming to work on now is the little details of damage, weather, customization and whatever else there is to come in the box.

yoghurt3475d ago

Not sure where you are all based, but here in the UK the Official Playstation Magazine are having a massive GT5 feature next month.

It says "Gran Turismo 5, the return of a Playstation icon, and we've got the FULL story" (full is underlined also)

on sale 7 July

I know I'm looking forward to it!

hay3475d ago

Cause GT is not about crashing. Just the opposite, and it was shown properly.

Christopher3475d ago

I think a lot of people are wanting to see cars get damaged like they would in a nasty roll or something similar. But from what I see, thanks to PirateThom for sending me the link, the damage they did was brilliantly done.

Just for going over that small hill and hitting the ground a bit forward on the car you see some fairly detailed damage to the hood, left wheel well molding, and along the side of the car. It wasn't exaggerated, it wasn't fake looking, it's what you'd expect to see when you do that in your own car. Heck, even the bumper and side body panel were separated in an appropriate manner.

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lonz3543475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

They must of seen how great Forza 3 looks now they wanna start putting out more info all of a sudden to try to keep up with the competition.

Edit: Why so many disagrees LOL Must be the Forza haters because I didn't anything negative about GT

EDIT again: Why don't GT have anything to prove? Look how much Forza 3 has improved from Forza 2 and the only thing GT improves on is graphics really

-MoOkS-3475d ago

Most probably.

Can't blame them really. Forza is like the Grand Theft Auto of the racing genre and Gran Turismo is the Saints Row :D

It can only improve GT5 by taking ideas from turn10

Baka-akaB3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Or after so much time only saying the game was in the works and the prologue , and after more official announces and trailers , it's time to give more infos ?

PS : sigh from what we's seen PD does it's stuff in it's corner , and we havent seen them trash talk or really mention any concurrence .

I know it's the same for extreme ps3 fanboys , but why do you guys feels that urge to refer constantly to Forza whenever GT is mentioned?

It's kinda a disservice as GT got nothing to prove , while you seems itching to prove to yourself or others that Forza is better ...
In short it make it seems like a petty duke , jealous of a neighbor king ..

SevWolf3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

with GT thereis no competition, even if it sells only 100 copies and gets a metacritics rating of 46.9534243 its still GRAN TURISMO
Edit: lol at mooks, he's like: YES there's another troll Im not alone, here i'll join him in trolling, yaaay snort snort"
oh yh since saints row came before gta just like forza came before gran turismo,and oh yh I cant forget like how gran turismo is NOT a big franchise like gta at FAIL
Edit 2: baka is extremely right, anybody who has seen my comments knows that I defend both sides, I mean was there a single mention of FORZA in the whole article or in any of the above comments??

OmarJA3475d ago

Sorry but Forza is comparable to NFS & it's not on same league with the Gran Turismo Series.

Information Minister3475d ago

... Who wants different styles of racing with variable weather and time-of-day conditions served in glorious 1080p60 presentation when you can slap "Naruto" all over your ride and then flip it over?


Syronicus3475d ago

You can't possibly be serious... can you?

I have heard some spin before but this takes the cookie. I love Forza but know that if it were not for GT, Forza would not be where it is today. You can bet that the Forza team got some of their best racing in on a PSone with GT back in the day. Gran Turismo - It's the benchmark for other great racing sims.

ultimolu3475d ago

Were you dropped on your head as a child?

GT is the most respected racing series of all time. Someone please tell me that this guy did not just diss Gran Turismo.

-MoOkS-3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Agreed, Forza wouldn't be what it is without GT.

Gran Turismo 1, 2 and 3 were all great titles, but GT4 was basically the same old GT gameplay with no real improvements or new feature's.

Forza took the original GT concept and added new feature's and delivered a refreshing experience.

It borrowed many of GT's core gameplay mechanics and improved upon them, thats why Forza was more critically acclaimed than GT4, because GT4 just stayed the same as GT3, it added a few new cars and tracks etc, without actually improving upon the previous titles.

Im not trying to "diss" GT, im just saying that Forza is the new top dog. GT has to reinvent itself and bring new ideas and features to be able to dethrown Forza

Syronicus3475d ago

I catch where you are coming from now and agree that GT4 was more of the same but as a car enthusiast, it was ok for me. I do have to say though, with GT5 touting such extras as real time damage, NASCAR and Off Road Racing, 800+ cars and 40+ tracks and twelve players on-screen online racing simultaneously, what else could be done to make this game more than just GT4?

From the sounds of it, now that GT5 will alow for full customization of the cars and their performance, the only issue not around is the paint job extra that you find in Forza. It's more of a tit for tat issue now but IMHO it would seem that there is more in the way of gaming in GT5 than in Forza 3.

For the record, I will be buying both but feel that while Forza is a great game, Gran Turismo is the epitome of console racing sims.

soxfan20053475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )


Find me a Need for Speed game with 35+ tracks (100+ for Forza 3), 300+ (400+ for Forza 3) FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & UPGRADABLE cars (tires, suspension, gear ratios, intake, exhaust, etc.) and full car detailing, not to mention a 100+ hour career mode.

Your ignorant statement makes it seem like you have never played any Need for Speed or Forza game

-x.Red.x-3475d ago

Ever heard of "Don't fix if it's not broken".

The only thing Forza did was make a ARCADE game NOT a TRUE SIM.

Forza is like Halo, made for little kids who want a quick thrill.

pippoppow3474d ago

That does seem to be what the 360 fanbase wants. Fast action with a low learning curve and familiar play mechanics with lots of flash. Wam Bam POW POW. I'll be done in a minute mom.. BAM PLOW.....I said I'd be done in a second...Blam BLAM...Jesus Christ don't you listen. I said I'd be done in a fu......OWWW SMACK SMACK----PLAYER DISCONNECTED.

soxfan20053474d ago

Read some reviews of Forza 2 on any reputable site (or find someone who can read to read it to you), and you'll realize how stupid your comments are.

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Kain813475d ago

The waiting is killing me

Oner3475d ago

"Kazunori laughed at the notion of a 2010 release date for Gran Turismo 5, and said it will be released sooner than expected."

Source ~

Man_of_the_year3475d ago

SO this buying upgrades for your vehicle...on the browser...this means we have to exit the game to purchase this, then go back into the game to implement it onto the car? Do we get to see a chart on how this will affect the car before we pay for the content?

I am not sure i like this whole using your browser to buy parts.

thomo18883475d ago

Some games like Killzone have an ingame browser so they would use that.

Montreafart3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Best photorealistic graphics
Best physics engine
Best racing sim to have nailed driving skills
Over a thousand cars
Over 200 tracks
Formula 1

Hot damn, GT5 is THE definite true next gen racer out there.

Compared to GT5, Forza is a racer for kids.

GT5 can best be compared to a real car for grown ups. It takes real skill and a drivers license to be able to ride a car. Forza a toy car for kids, you know those little threewheeler toys. The 10 year olds love that shiat. And the 14 year old xbot kiddies who got a 360 think riding a threewheeler is the same as driving a real car. After all, when you want to turn left, you just turn the wheel to the left, am I right?


GT5 = ferrari
Forza 3 = threewheeler for 10 year olds

"but, but, but, you can tap stickers on it"

Why would I want to cover my a beauty like a ferrari sportscar with worthless stickers?

You know, they can make the best looking and most expensive three wheeler in the world, but a threewheeler will always be a threewheeler and wont even be able to compare against a real car. Even simple ones.

cos threewheelers are fking TOYS, like Forza.

Tristanh823474d ago

spose to be ingame n specs spose to be there too

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