Tecmo Supporting Sony Platforms With Exclusivity

Three IPs from Tecmo are boosting Sony's exclusive line-up for both the PSP and PS3.

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OhReginald3110d ago

I love them. Im definitely getting ninja gaiden Sigma 2....Even tho quantum looks amazing i will wait for the reviews.

Cajun Chicken3110d ago

I want DOA on a Playstation platform again. If Tekken went multiplat, lets be having DOA to equal everything out.

gaffyh3110d ago

Even though I'm not a fan of the DOA games, I think it will be coming as a Multiplat, Tecmo has really gone out of their way to show that they care about the PS3 fanbase, so I expect it to be multiplat like it should be.

shadowfox3110d ago

I was pumped for Quantum until I saw some pretty generic looking E3 gameplay. Jumped off my radar for now, all though with over 6 months left, I'm sure they can polish it up quite a bit.

gauntletpython3110d ago

I dunno if you're playing the same game I am, but it looks pretty amazing IMO.

gaffyh3110d ago

It looks really good to me, first I thought it'd be exactly like Gears, but the trailer showed some unique stuff that looks great.

cmrbe3110d ago

Bring DOA back to the PS. There is no reason why it shouldn't.

CSM-101e3110d ago


gaffyh3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

what's tecmo bowl?

edit: Just searched it, and do you think it could compete with Madden?

It would have to be done really well.

CSM-101e3110d ago

REAL competition for an, in my opinion, floundering franchise.

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