Valve: 'Ton' of content makes L4D2 too big to be DLC

Speaking to at E3 last week, writer Chet Faliszek said that Left 4 Dead 2, which was originally called "this big thing" by the development team, is a large enough game to justify it not being DLC, pointing to all the new announced content.

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LightofDarkness3473d ago

God I'm so sick of hearing about this crap...

SKUD3473d ago

There's plenty more where that came from!. Hope you brought your loose pants!.

FreeMonk3473d ago


Yep, they are adding 5 new campaigns, melee weapons, upgraded AI etc .....BUT IT STILL USES THE SAME ENGINE!

Seeing how big the DLC for GTA4: The Lost and the Damned, and how much extra content you got in that, I'm sure Valve could of released this content for L4D1.

They could of released seperate campaigns monthly, similar to Fallout 3, whilst adding the Melee functions and extra infected.

Valve & MS are in it for the cash, and unfortunatly, including myself, won't be able to help themselves when the games gets released but to buy it.

Blaze9293473d ago

then they want more money. Big deal. No need for them to keep lying about it. Like really, L4d isnt a "sequel" type game unless there are BIG changes. Too big for DLC? Its generally the game game and same modes, come on now.

Valve should just come out and end all this crap, just say ok, our original idea for L4D1 and continuously updating with content did not work out as planned. But when Doug Lombardi is saying they started working on the sequel RIGHT after L4D1 shipped...that's kind of a big ass slap in the face to all that other crap they were promising.

For sure they won't do the same and bring a Left 4 Dead 3 next year and L4D2 will be what L4D1 should have been. If not...they can kiss alot of buyers good buy.

LoVeRSaMa3473d ago

Counter Strike was a FREE mod for Halflife, but that was "Too Big".

L4D and L4D2 are using the EXACT same engine, seriously updated skin and models +afew new missions, people could MOD L4D1 to do this..

ThanatosDMC3473d ago

"Uhh... yeah... it's too big for DLC... so can i have your $50 now for the other half of the game you all ready paid for?"

KillaManiac3473d ago

I'll just wait for someone to make a LFD1 mod with all the LFD2 maps and stuff lol

#2 just came way too fast IMO....wheres Half Life 3?

Arnon3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

This game does not use the same engine. Upgraded AI refers to the fact that it's using the NEW AI Director Engine 2.0. It will have a whole NEW arsenal of weapons, 6 NEW maps, 4 NEW characters.

If this were to be DLC, it would be a lot more than the GTA IV content. GTA IV: TL&D did not have a new engine. It had patches to the existing engine to tweak bikes and whatnot. L4D2 is running on their entirely remade 2.0 engine.

With this said however, I'm still skeptical about how this will turn out.

evrfighter3473d ago

"It will have a whole NEW arsenal of weapons, 6 NEW maps, 4 NEW characters."


You act like that takes major resources and effort...

However what's really funny about what you said. They've done interviews already where they've promised NEW weapons, NEW characters, and NEW campaigns. This is what led the Valve community to believe it was going to be similar to TF2 on how content was released.

WildArmed3473d ago

Chainsaw is too big to be DLC :/

Arnon3473d ago

It is if it's running on a new engine.

WildArmed3473d ago

im just messing around.
L4D2 is gonna be awesome.
Just like L4D.

btw hopefully it will be a new engine :D

SaberEdge3473d ago

Those saying that it is running on the same engine and implying that that makes it not worth buying are being absurd.

Most sequels run on the same engine as their predecessors. Uncharted 2 runs on the same engine as Uncharted, Assassin's Creed 2 same as part 1, and on and on...

It has always been about adding new content, new gameplay mechanics, new environements, etc., all of which Left 4 Dead 2 offers. It also has seen some improvements to the engine. If you guys can't tell from the trailers that they have improved the graphics I would suggest you go get your eyes checked.

Anyway, Valve makes some of the best games know to man and all some of you can do is complain because you didn't get as much free stuff as you were expecting. Lame.

We already got free downloadable content and they are promising more is on the way. What more do you want? Left 4 Dead has already been well worth the price I paid for it and I will gladly buy the second one. Talent like Valve's deserves to be rewarded.

Arnon3473d ago

Haha I figured you were. It's all good.

ThanatosDMC3473d ago

Melee weapons... would that mean there wont be a tank anymore? Use melee on a tank charging at you... good idea or bad idea? What will happen to our infinite bullets for the pistols?

Corepred43473d ago

"Valve makes some of the best games know to man"
reaaallllyyyy? reallllllyyyy?? LOL reallllllllyyyyyyyyy?!?

No Way3473d ago

There is stuff that all of us are tired of hearing.
Just gotta get accustomed to it, ignore it, and move on.

JsonHenry3473d ago

This is what happens when a company is too good to its customers for so long. Valve customers have got so used to FREE DLC for years to come they just assume it should all have been rolled out over time in the form of free DLC. (well, the pc gamers get it free anyway)

Hell, less than a month the new content for Team Fortress 2 came out. Years after the initial release of that game.

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Rhezin3473d ago

or should I say, their parents money. LOL

Kami3473d ago

you do know that 90% of the people complaining about this game are PC gamers right?
They are complaining because its not getting the same support as TF2, they didn't get what valve promised, and because they will release this before HL2:E3.
you are just a stupid individual.

WildArmed3473d ago

lol n now those 90% of pc gamers have to go download the pirated version of L4D2..
irony.. complaining about something half of them didn't pay 4

Gun_Senshi3473d ago

I'll see when I play it.

It has 6 Campains, thats 1 more then L4D1..

Unicron3473d ago

...TOO BIG... yet my L4D1 mods will work?

Fishy. Very fishy.

Scelestus3473d ago

'Ton' of money makes Valve too greedy to release DLC.

TheIneffableBob3473d ago

The Source engine is very modular.

The Source engine used in Half-Life 2, released in 2004, is very different than the engine used in Episode Two, released in 2007, but you can load a Half-Life 2 map into Episode Two and it'll pretty much work. You'll get dynamic shadows and the new lighting engine, too, though obviously you won't get HDR since that's baked into the textures.

Droid Smasha3473d ago

ps3 fannuts thought you were working on a port of the first one. then you announced the sequel and took all there hope away. the tears will shortcircuit them soon.

Dante433473d ago

Are you sh!tting me? THE GAME WAS HORRIBLE, graphics is mediocre, zombies are stupid, it stupid and funless.

KionicWarlord2223473d ago

And still with your claims, it still was a fun game.

WildArmed3473d ago

it was a fun game. but its not a game i'd like ported onto my ps3.
esp. considering Valve's utter lack of respect for the ps3.
Till they know how to make games on the ps3, no thnks.
I'll stick with the lovely TF2 dat i love soo much

Kleptic3473d ago

so wait...yeah i'm sure a lot of PS3 owners knee deep in corspes in killzone 2 have been losing sleep over a twitch Source shooter that looks a full generation behind visually...

i know I have been...

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