Gamer Limit Review: The Sims 3

Gamer Limit writes "Why live life when you can live as a Sim?"

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syvergy3268d ago

Sounds like its worth the price of admission, will have to pick it up.

Cloud-14093268d ago

Being able to catch on fire makes this game full of win.

PuffballsRevenge3268d ago

Picked this up immediately have haven't looked back yet

Dick03268d ago

i heard u can kiss with human females in this game sumthing they will never experiemce in real life

mrdxpr23268d ago

hahaaha that was the most corniest jk ever only on american 360 owners thats why nobody in the world takes yall serious.. idiot.. now go kiss your dogs @$$ cause thats all u have done .. .

STONEY43267d ago

Don't try being a comedian when you grow up man.... that was a really bad joke.

Mr Face Creamer3267d ago

But you could have said it better in order to make it amusing for both xbots and droids.

Perjoss3268d ago

sometimes i like to play a 'feel good' game like LBP, viva pinata and spore. Picked up sims3 last friday and it rocks, I've seen some hilarious interactions between sims and it has a surprising amount of depth, but I dont think its a game for everyone. For example, I dont think it has any guns in it ;)

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