Co-Optimus Review: Ghost Squad Co-Op

Give a man a gun, and he thinks he's a king. While a giant piece of white plastic with a Wii-mote strapped to it might not be classified as a gun, there's something strangely satisfying about arcade shooters in the realm of Time Crisis and House of the Dead. Sega's Ghost Squad for the Wii might not make you feel like a king, but there's no harm in trying. If you've visited any arcade in the past few years, you've no doubt witnessed Sega's Ghost Squad. It stands out in the crowd of other light gun shooters, because unlike the other titles, Sega armed players with an assault rifle to do away with enemies. The Wii version of the game follows the arcade experience, allowing players to drop in and take on three non linear missions against the cheesiest terrorists groups since a Green Bay Packers bomb scare.

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