Halo:Reach-Characters Silhouettes Identified

SKOAR! writes "Bungie Studios is working on yet another conflict involving the insidious Covenant species. ODST takes players through a journey that steps beyond the boundaries of a Spartan and showcases the vulnerability of human race sans the comfort of the MJOLNIR armor system, the other titled "Reach" takes places during the dawn of the covenant war. Besides a brief trailer that showcases the announcement of the game. We have tried to identify the character silhouettes that were released as a part of the concept art for the game."

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822119863448d ago

in terms of gameplay, this game am totally puzzled..

100003448d ago

to sink the series, frankly bungie should start to make other games as well

281219863448d ago

is wat I bet on..sniper,medic, heavy and assault...

281219863448d ago

whatever happened to Gears 3?

StanLee3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Seems like a squad based iteration of Halo similiar Halo ODST only with Spartans. We'll surely see more details forthcoming as the hype for another Halo title builds, an may God help us all.

Dread3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

How come u never see sony fangirls telling the developers of Gran Tourismo to make something other than Gran Tourismo?

how come you never tell the developers of God Of War to make somthing different?

same goes for your Metal Gears...

u guys are just a bunch of hypocrite haters..

(sorry this should have been a reply for the haters below me)

dantheman15153448d ago

Why would Bungie leave a universe that they built to be so in depth? Why would they abandon something that can be told in different ways through different prespectives?

There have been 3 Halo games all based around Master Chief. They are now expanding the universe with different characters and storyarchs.

How many Ratchet games have there been? Shut up, ODST looks great. What is wrong with an open world, stealthy Halo game? How is that driving the series into the ground?

chrisnick3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

are you guys trying to say that insomniac and kojima haven't made other great games?.......if fail, hard. Especially when it comes to insomniac. Stop attacking, enjoy your halo, and don't let ppl get you all worked up to the point where u start saying stuff that makes no sense.
I personally couldn't tell you what else bungie has made, only bcuz im sure they haven't made anything thats even close to the epicness of halo.

These guys are making sense though, most studios might alternate their games a little, bungie has been churning out halo after can get a little boring, don't get mad, truth is, they have a point.

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cereal_killa3448d ago

Dread & dantheman1515 Your right in a way but Bungi themselves has said they wanted to move on and do something else besides Halo. When Bungi came onto the stage and talked about Halo OSDT I could of cared less dont like Halo and dont really care for it but then they said we like to introduce Halo Reach for 2010 I was like WTF if you guys want to tell everyone you want to move and and not just be know for Halo then Do it. This Halo Reach made them look like a bunch of hypocrites themselves chasing the almighty $$$$$$$.

Bonsai12143448d ago

i would assume its a squad based shooter. i greatly enjoyed the Fall of Reach, so i need to find a friend with a 360 to play this. i wonder how close to the original story they'll make this game. since there were epic and tragic moments in it, plus their equipment wasn't always the same too. it progressed a good amount through the book.

ChampIDC3448d ago

FYI, before Halo, Bungie made the Marathon Series, Myth, and Oni. Not like they haven't made anything else. Halo has been their best franchise, and there's really no reason for them to be making anything else right now with how the games sell. People obviously still want them.

Jaces3447d ago

Uh...what are you a moron or something?

They've made plenty of other games rather than what they've been working on.

ZOE and Snachter comes to mind for Kojima, and GoW is a three part series. They can't just stop at 2.

Same could be said for Gears and Fable.

IaMs123447d ago

IF its anything like Republic Commando im all for it!

Dread3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )


u must be the moron, because bungie has made other games..

Marathon and Oni for example.

and what about grand tourismo. (u did not comment on this..i wonder why)




did u read my first comment it seems that we are talking about the same thing. What was baseless about it?

Jaces3447d ago

Oh ya, sorry.

I forgot Forza...why haven't they moved on? You can't bash developers when others are doing the same thing.

And I never said Bungie did'nt make other games, I was simply countering your baseless comment.


truewittness3447d ago

seems like bungie is doing a little like what stars wars did. bringing out episodes 4 5 and 6. then bringing out the story of what happened first, episodes 1 2 and 3. reach might just be one game though.

RyuStrife3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Sorry Dread, but PD made other games that isn't Gran Turismo. That motorcycle (gran turismo-esque) game, and Omega Boost. You should check out omega boost. I would definitely want a Current Gen one. Remake or sequel.

Edit: Oh yeah, that motorcycle game is called Tourist Trophy.

Jaces3447d ago

My point is that you can't go around bashing Developers for "milking" a genre on the PS3 when others are doing the same thing for the 360.

Surprised you didn't get that on the first comment I made.

da720izcumin3447d ago

i'll try not to over promise anything, so don't hold it against me:
but i am sure this game will sell more than uncharted 2 + GOW3 + GT5 lifetime.....
so think b4 u hate on halo....

Jaces3447d ago

Uncharted and GoWIII I could understand...but GT5?

Now your just being delusional.

da720izcumin3447d ago

not delusional, again i know i might be over doing it...but it's likely...

SaberEdge3447d ago

I don't really care which games sell more. All I know is that Halo Reach is going to be epic. Uncharted 2 and God of War 2 are going to be awesome games as well.

Jaces3447d ago

Meh...I suppose it's possible, specially after that MGS: Rising stunt.

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100003448d ago

dont know never fell for the Hype, same with Killzone not fun enough as COD4

Bladestar3448d ago

What's the big deal? I also like COD4 and I played it a lot more than Halo 3... COD MC 2 is still coming regardless of what Halo game comes out... This change nothing but simply adds more value to owning an xbox 360 since one can enjoy Call of Duty games and Halo games... I don't see where you are trying to get at.. if you don't want Halo don't play it... keep playing COD4...

BX813448d ago

Yeah I don't fall for hype either, I just play the game and decide if I like it or not. If you base not liking a game because it has a lot of hype surrounding it then you're going to miss out on some pretty good games my friend.

Nice3448d ago

I ve had it with bout a myth or marathon...

JokesOnYou3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

JokesOnYou - 1 day 2 hours ago

Ignore1.7 - 9 times out of 10 the ones complaining about Halo "milking" or "why don't they do something else" are...
Sony folks or "I'm no halo fan but"-type gamers...uhm how about you just forget about Halo then and buy all those other thousands of games available from hundreds of OTHER devs. I'll take more Halo greatness along with many of those other great games too, from other great devs. Thank you very much. Its funny how the same folks can't wait for the next long running sequel on ps platform. I would agree its maybe time to move on from Halo or radically change it, if there was a whole lot of sequels and tons of spin offs, but its only been>>>>3<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; Halo games so far and soon to be an expansion with ODST, then a pretty damm good RTS....theres a ton of Halo Universe yet to be explored. I'd hope we get at least 2 or 3 more direct sequels and if they have some great spin-off ideas like Halo Wars then bring it on,

lmfao lets be honest alot of haters WANT to see Halo go away just because they know its potential for continued success is still very high, [takes one look at comments from the usual members] gasp, how predictable.

@Nice & bokspeed, LOL yet you're still here on a Halo thread thats about what the "new charachters" identity might be. The folks who are interested probably don't care that you aren't interested and are sick of Halo, I'm just wondering why you're waisting your time on news you don't care about.

These will obviously be some of the charachters from Nylund's Halo Reach book.


All-33448d ago

There have been 3 full Bungie Halo games released thus far in the franchise.

Just as there were three Myth games released... two were Bungie made games and a third was made by MumboJumbo and released by Take Two in 2001, when Bungie lost the franchise rights.

There were also three Marathon games by Bungie.

So three Halo games is too much, but three Myth or Marathon games aren't?

table3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

They need to freshen up the gameplay in this one. There is only a such thing as too many if the gameplay stands still and doesn't progress something Halo3 is guilty of. It was very stale apart from a good multiplayer. They seem to be living on the success of Halo:CE. The best titles around keep the gameplay fresh with new releases in the series and I'd like to see this with ODST and Reach.

KionicWarlord2223448d ago

I bet john will be in there.

Arnon3447d ago

Honestly. I want this to happen. The Halo universe is IMMENSE. And I'm proud of Bungie that they're going back and filling in everything. Kojima is doing it with MGS. Why cant Bungie do it with Halo?

Downtown boogey3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I assume because the gameplay isn't changing pretty much at all across the franchise... As, u know, in MGS.

Still love both franchises.