Gamasutra Interview: Tose on Starfy, Industry Shifts

Tose, possibly the game industry's first outsource-only company, started making games -- and not taking credit for them -- in 1979.

While eschewing the spotlight is the company's MO, Tose has one original IP to its name - Starfy, a long-running GBA and now DS series in Japan.

The title is finally coming to the U.S., and Gamasutra was given the opportunity to talk to Tose heads about the game's release and their feelings on the game industry climate, both for outsourcers and developers.

As with our last Tose interview, the Kyoto-office exec spoke under the condition of anonymity, but also featured here are Masa Agarida, VP of Tose U.S., and Koichi Sawada, director of China sales for the U.S. office.

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