What Does Final Fantasy XIV Need to Succeed?

GamingDead: "Ostensibly a sequel to the massively multiplayer online title Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV is looking to be the second MMORPG in the series, but not more of the same. During the untelevised Q&A session that took place yesterday, Square Enix attendees made sure to point out that the title would be a step in a different direction from Final Fantasy XI.

What does Square Enix need, though, to make sure the game is successful, especially in this post-World of Warcraft era?"

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Dimitri3474d ago

It depends how people understand "succeeding".

For me, a game succeeds when I enjoy playing it.

Acidicpack3474d ago

If it's anything like FF11 then it will in my book. I played the hell out of FF11. 75pld, 75war 75nin and 75blm. wooooot bring it on!!!!!

AssassinHD3474d ago

Now that is just silly. Who cares about enjoying games these days? Everyone knows that a game fails if it doesn't score above a 9 on metacritic and sell 5 million copies on day 1...right?

THC CELL3474d ago

thats easy
stay exclusive to ps3

Sez 3474d ago

roflmfao. are you you guys barely buy exclusive for the ps3(KZ2,LBP,R2,ECT). what makes you think you guys will give this one better support than PC/360 owners.

Montreafart3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

So PS3 outperformed the 360. And the higher attach rates on multi platform titles proves this.

Wanna know why MS didnt talk about sales like they ALWAYS do on every E3?

No, its not because they wanted to make a statement, stupid xbot.

Its because they got outperformed by the competitors.

Last year and the year before that, 360 did well if you compare the sales of Nintendo and Sony. And what did MS do? BRAG AND GLOAT like no tomorrow. Just like you stinking xbots always talk about sales, sales, sales.

But now that the competitors are doing better, watch MS switch subject like the cowardly dog that they are.

All multi platform titles have higher attach rates on the PS3.
Streetfighter 4, Resident Evil 5, Grand theft auto 4, all of them, kid.

Konami, Capcom, EA, they all make more on PS3 than on 3shiatsty.

Arnon3473d ago

Pretty sure Microsoft's E3 conference was the only conference that didn't seem like they were struggling to keep their fanbase alive. Sales charts and figures? That's crap you put in there to fill in space.

Montreafart3473d ago

You claim MS didnt show figures and stats and charts and sales. Funny because thats pretty much what they did last year and the year before it and the year before that.

You must suffer from short term memory loss or something. Aka "STUPIDITY".

Sony was the only one showing games last year while MS was bragging about how many million units they launched and how many more they were ahead of the competition. Geoff Keighley even asked if that included Nintendo seeing how Nintendo steamrolled the stupid folk at MS.

But suddenly, MS is the one who doesnt talk about sales and charts. ROFL, idiot xbot, thats all what you xbots are good for. MONTH in MONTH out, year in, year out, all you do, is brag about NPD, yearly sales, software sales etc.

Oh but suddenly, MS are the bright angels that want to do nothing but show you games. How silly of us....WRONG! How STUPID YOU ARE.

The only reason they didnt talk about sales this year, is because they know they got steamrolled. EVERY big franchise multi platform game had higher attach rates on the PS3.


Arnon3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Too bad all of that is irrelevant. Did they do it this year? No? Oh, okay. Did they learn? Yup. Did Sony do it this year? They did? Uh oh.

You're losing bubbles, my friend. Last time you were destroyed, you had 3. But that's ok. You don't really deserve them anyways.

But nice try trying to bring up the past. Too bad it doesn't matter.

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Gun_Senshi3474d ago

Fixing the issues that FFXI Had

I loved FFXI until they ruined Job Balance with ToAU

Megaton3474d ago

Do it like that 2D MMO, MapleStory. Give the game away for free, and load it up with bullshit you can buy if you choose to do so. Nexon's gotta be making at least 5x their nut on that game from the Cash Shop. They should also make it for PC, and arrange for both versions to be played in the same space, giving the game a much bigger base of players.

If they try to charge monthly, I think it's gonna crash and burn. I'm very much against that business model in gaming, and I for one am gonna avoid it like the plague if they go that route. Gotta say I'm not very interested to begin with. Final Fantasy just isn't Final Fantasy to me when it's an MMO.

Dorjan3474d ago

Although I semi agree with the business model idea (I actually like the paymonthly then every player is at the same "advantage" instead of the richer irl the better in game...) final fantasy makes the most sense out of all the genres out there to be made into an mmo..

I just hope this doesn't kill ffxi...

unrealgamer583474d ago

im sorry (i know i'll get disagrees) but you have to see this

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