PSP Go and buy all-new accessories

Sony had a spot in its press-only booth area reserved for showing off the various accessories that will be available for PSP Go when it hits US shelves on October 1. There were cases, wrist straps, Sony-branded screen protectors ... and wait, what was that? Since the handheld doesn't have a standard mini USB port like the PSP-3000, we'll have to buy all new accessories? Sad, but true.

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thereapersson3473d ago

Sony really seems to have its head up its collective ass on this one. I thought they dropped this proprietary crap a while back -- or had at least showed they were leaning towards user-friendly tech with the PS3.

What are they thinking? More expensive unit; Proprietary connector; games in a format that provides no resale value. I guess they're back to their old tricks again? Or maybe they're just trying to rake in as much cash as possible in advance for when they finally drop the price of the PS3?

jamesrocks31473473d ago

that sony are trying to make a profit with this thing for all the money they have lost on the playstation 3.

xabmol3473d ago

Ditching the Pro-Duo mem stick!

WTF was that all about?!

Scary693472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Will this thing only play games that are downloaded? I for one do not like the price and now you have to buy all new accessories. I will for sure wait on a price drop. I am not sure what Sony is thinking when they came out with this. I guess we shall see Oct. 1st