Console Monster E3 09: Meeting Peter Molyneux & Milo

Console Monster writes: "We met up with Peter Molyneux in the evening of Day 2, in his hotel room, for a short intimate chat about Milo & Kate. Unfortunately our time was short, as the man looked pretty dog-tired from a day of demos. But although there were only around a handful of questions asked, myself a few fellow Xbox fan-site members managed to rinse out some juicy gossip from the godfather of this creation, currently titled as Milo & Kate.

For those that have been living under a dog bowl during the E3 Expo, Milo & Kate is a pet project undertaken by Lionhead Studios, which utilises the technology created by Microsoft, currently under the guise of Project Natal. Milo & Kate is an ambitious project that is only really feasible via Project Natal technology, and should be looked upon as merely a tech demo at this current stage, which showcases just what can be possible once the Project Natal's technology releases on Xbox 360..."

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