Opinion: Three reasons to be cheerful about the future of PSP

"The PSP may not be perfect, but it's far from a failure, even if it hasn't managed to knock Nintendo off of its lofty perch in handheld gaming.

Sony's console has sold nearly 25 million units worldwide. To put that into perspective, the original Xbox sold 24 million units in its entire five-year lifespan."

"In two short years, it has gone from being a non-entity in the handheld market to a worthy competitor, capable of competing on some level with seasoned handheld pro Nintendo."

"Reason 1: Improved services
Reason 2: PSP games are getting ever better
Reason 3: PSP is getting cheaper"

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Black Republican4274d ago

4th reason - the picture

Sphinx4274d ago

When there are 10 games that I want to play... I'll have to start looking through them and make a list or something. I just really enjoy my DS right now, and see no present need for a 2nd portable.

Armyless4274d ago

Price is dropping on the PSP.

Sphinx4274d ago

I know about the price drop, it's just that I usually have just enough time for my DS and 360... and sometimes I'll play the Wii with my wife. Nothing against the PSP, as I think it is pretty damn cool, I just don't see a present need for it in my life personally.

Jay da 2KBalla4274d ago

I dont think I'll ever buy a psp. The battery life is terrible and the games just arent all that good despite what this article says. I'd take a ds over a psp anyday.

Armyless4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

I own both and love both of them. The portable market is not cost prohibitive and can (and should) be exploited. Choosing one over the other for the sake of pure brand devotion means you're missing out on some great content. I usually pack both my DS and my PSP on trips.

Armyless4274d ago

There are much longer batteries on the market, not that the PSP's battery is horrible, it just isn't that great.

There are decent games for the bugger, and many more coming. That's if you're not busy with portable movies, WiFi internet access, or MP3's.


AudioRage4274d ago

The best purchase i ever made, its brilliant thanks to darkalex's custom firmware, the option to backup and play all your old ps1 games on it, backup your psp isos, nintendo64 emulations, snes emulation with wi-fi link for multiplayer, gameboy emulation, its brilliant!! i really love it!

Armyless4274d ago

Can you play Super Mario 3?

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The story is too old to be commented.