411mania: Singularity Preview

Singularity is a new first person style shooter developed by Raven Software and due out this Fall. Singularity features a story where during the Cold War, the Soviet Union discovered a volatile element called Element 99. In an attempt to weaponize and use in the arms race, they built a remote and guarded island so the US wouldn't find out what they were doing. But an explosion decimates the island and puts it in a constant flux.

You see Element 99 causes rips in the time-space continuum. It mutates the plant and animal life on the island creating nasty creatures and threats. And the disaster on the island could wipe out the entire planet. An USAF pilot crash lands on the island and stuck in the thick of things. A helpful Russian that lives on the island named Yuri hands off the pilot a gauntlet called a TMD to help you battle your enemies.

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