First day sales in Japan

A complete listing of first day sales data in Japan for various games have been released, along with sell-through rates.

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knox3479d ago

arc rise fantasia off to a nice start, i guess?

Redempteur3478d ago

i hope the sales of arc rise will go up ....

PS360WII3478d ago

yeah I'd like it to sell lots as well but looks like it went thru half it's stock already. So by thier accounts it's doing pretty well.

qface643478d ago

im looking forward to playing arc rise
haven't played a console rpg in a while they have all been lame lately
im not expecting big things from arc rise but id at least like to have some fun

frictionini3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Ugly sales, good game though...

Shnazzyone3477d ago

Holy crap!!!! that the longest name of a game ever!!! btw did i detect an ps2 Evangelon game... are we talking neon genesis evangelon... are we talking about the most ridiculously confusing and yet obscenely popular anime of all time??? they have a ps2 game for that??? Does it explain anything!?!?!? because i am still totally confused as to what the hell half the meaning of that anime was after watching movie after movie and the series like 4 times. If it explains any part of the millions of questions brought on by watching that anime... how the hell did it get completely womped by a wii title?!?! WTF japan... wtf.