GayGamer E3 09: Demon's Souls Preview

GayGamer writes: "Atlus goes for the PS3 in a big way with Demon's Souls, a moody RPG set in a world filled with ghosts and bloodstains and a "world tendency" system that adjusts your enemies aggressiveness and loot dropped based on your performance. NPC interactions also change based on the world tendency."

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krouse933207d ago

What The Hell that website is actually about gay people. :/

ghostface3207d ago

Maybe they mean happy gamer?

NewZealander3207d ago

yeah add that to the list with surfer girls, hip hop gamers, lesbian gamers, seems everyone likes to express who they are these days.

krouse933207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

well i disagree because i clicked the link and the ads around the site flame homo no joke. its bad but whatever i guess everyone is entitled. but damn don't be so invasive. (obviously that last part is targeted at the site authors not you. im not trying to be a D!ck)

Grown Folks Talk3207d ago

in my Gamefly que. I'll see how it is before I buy it.

40cal3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

The blood stain and message game play mechanics sound very interesting. So dose the online mode, I am wanting to pick this up as I have heard and read tons of good things about it, just need to see a bit more for myself.

Edit: Wow that trailer was f'in epic. Looks like the content is mature. Day one unless something changes my mind between now and then.