GameSpy E3 2009: DC Universe Online Hands-on

GameSpy writes: "Sony Online Entertainment -- the kings of massively multiplayer mediocrity (see: Vanguard, Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies) -- finally have a potentially badass game in the works, an online rendition of the DC Comics universe, developed by SOE's Austin studio for a simultaneous PlayStation 3/PC debut (ideally with cross-system play). Players craft their very own colorful super-avatars (hero or villain), who were described to me as "A-list heroes" whose sudden inclusion in the DC world will be explained in the game's fiction (my guess: the setting's trademark "Infinite Earths")."

+A superhero MMO with a cool license
+Action-RPG elements position it as a hopeful not-Warcraft-clone.

-SOE doesn't have the best track record
-Casual PS3 players may not understand why they can't play as their favorite heroes

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