PSP Mario: the new worlds demo released

Homebrew coder dan369 has released a demo of PSP Mario, a simple Mario game written in Lua using PGE. The gameplay feature is almost the same as the classic Mario games but with better graphics and some custom animation..

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D4RkNIKON3452d ago

This is the first I have seen of N4G showing homebrew. Their source shows this sort of thing all the time.

deshon093452d ago

nitendo is not going to be happy i love it tough lol

Iceman1003452d ago

Psps owners must be pretty desperate to run other companies games on their gameless system.

D4RkNIKON3452d ago

Hah, you would come in here trolling with your one bubble wouldn't you.. lol As for PSP not having games, this year they will be releasing a ton of awesome games. I can't wait for Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear, Socom FTB3, Rock Band Unplugged, Final Fantasy and more. Why don't you read up on this sort of thing before making fanboy remarks.

RunamukK3451d ago

this demo sucks. No sound, enemies.