Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver Does theTruffle Shuffle

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes:

"Today it was unveiled on the television show in Japan Pokémon Sunday that the newly announced remakes for the Nintendo DS Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are going to be rewarded with a free gift known as a PokéWalker."


UPDATE: Pics added of the PokeWalker! Both still and in use!

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tigresa3477d ago

I had those little Pokemon Pikachu things... Though I did not sit on a washing machine. XD

qface643477d ago

what Dx
this thing sounds like it would be actually useful to have
no wait let me guess japan only right >_>

also i had me both of those pikachus x]

ctfkev3477d ago

lol.. thats the first thing i thought of.

Baka-akaB3477d ago

And people do petition against l4d2 while this get released over and over with so few changes (even though a great game overall) , an this time with even remakes ???

Pokemon is probably the worst offender , even compared to annual sports games , and yet it always get the free pass

qface643477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

the whole L4D2 is a different story
you can't really compare it to this

Baka-akaB3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

It's obviously not the same case . But still my point isnt so vague neither imo , it's still a game that release the same (again excellent) game with minor changes , over and over ... yet no one would complain about it , and that there isnt enough new stuff for new eps .

, But oh well , back to topic , i'd not holding my breath for those pokewalker gifts outside of japan , but it's still nice

tigresa3476d ago

Pokemon at least takes a few years, sometimes up to 5 years to be released. It's hard not to feel cheated when L4D2 a full $60 game comes out only one year later. Hardly comparable.

@Truthbetold Yeah considering the DS is already portable, I hope that training on the PokeWalker actually gives your training an actual benefit to training on the game itself like more experience or something. Would make sense.

fatstarr3477d ago

its almost as if you have fanboys and girls to the series

even today i can talk to 5 ppl and 4 would know about pokemon
and of those 5 ppl 1 is guaranteed to have played 1 game be it when they were 5 or last week.

pokemon i feel will get a revamp on the next platform. i dont there could be a world with out pokemon. but if it aint broke dont fix it. maybe if only 100k ppl bought it they would change something.

i hate to say it but pokemon is a casual hardcore game. you can play it casually just lvl beat the pokemon league etc. or you can get an all star team start breeding and making super pokemon and such. pokemon goes really deep and complex if you didnt kno lol.

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