Spawn Kill - E3 Preview: Brink

Justin "pseudopseudo" Heeren of Spawn Kill writes:

"Imagine this scenario, if it's not too hard: it's the year 2025. Global warming has turned out to be completely true, and the oceans are rising by multiple inches a day. People are panicking, and fleeing to whatever high ground there is left. You, however – you needn't worry. You live on a collection of artificial floating islands called (appropriately enough) "The Ark". Wait, did I say you needn't worry? Oh… yeah, that's completely wrong. See, when the Dry-Landers got word that there was a floating city out in the ocean, disconnected from the rest of the world – guess where they headed, in droves? You've more than likely guessed correctly. After a tumultuous couple of years, The Ark is now over-packed with not only the founders and original inhabitants – but thousands of refugees. And nobody seems to like to share.

This is Brink."

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tigresa3480d ago

Oh awesome! Not many sites covered this game for some reason during E3, thanks!

pseudopseudo3479d ago

I think that part of it was the fact that you needed an appointment to get into the presentation.

It's definitely a title to look out for!

FerretWithASpork3480d ago

Awesome stuff! Thanks for the info!