E3 2009: The Funny Side of E3

E3's been incredible, but as well as the seriousness of announcements, games and conferences, the expo has a funny side..
And while Natal was a revolution in the wings during the Microsoft press conference, it did throw some thing's not too evolutionary.
Catch the funny side of the expo..

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Nelson M3417d ago

Everything the Xbox had to Offer !!

DNAgent3417d ago

The 360 had something to offer that I can't already use on my PS3 and PC?

eelnats20003417d ago

The GT Translator was too funny.

Where can i find more of these photoshopped goodness?

Carl14123417d ago

I agree, it was priceless. The whole time Kaz was on stage i was giggling at it.

Then Kojima's translator comes on and he just puts Kaz's to shame

Megaton3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Haha, translator guy, saw a mega thread with pics of him at GameTrailers, though I think most of it was taken from Gaf.

PotNoodle3417d ago

Kojimas translator is actually not there just as a translator either, he is actually a member of the kojima productions development team, i can't remember his name to be exact, but i'd recognise it if it was said..

This was the funniest though imo:

Carl14123417d ago

I knew Kojima always uses the same guy, but i didn't know he was part of Kojima Pro.

adriano9993417d ago

The kojima pro translator is Aki Saito, but this guy is from Poliphony Digital not KP. :D

iamtehpwn3417d ago

These made me laugh my balls off

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Kami3417d ago

and /v/ is gonna screw up that website...
we started the "I dont give F*ck" translator meme. and this guy is using our shooped pictures.

Carl14123417d ago

Where does the money come out?

I lol'd

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The story is too old to be commented.