EU version of Heavy Rain to be rated R

Considering the sex scene was censored from the U.S. version of Fahrenheit it seems likely that the American´s will get a toned down version of Heavy Rain. Sex, full frontal nudity and drug use have been confirmed.


EU version of Heavy Rain to be rated 18+

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PeterPanParadox3109d ago

This wouldn´t surprise me at all.

LoVeRSaMa3109d ago

Thats a shame, I live in the UK myself although it annoys me when games get changed like this for different regions..

America is good but there outlook on gaming voilence needs to change imo..

Blaze9293109d ago

Was that a hidden attack saying this "game" is nothing more but a interactive movie? lol.

But anyway, Sony made the PS3 region free for a reason! This is one of those sweet reasons lol. Guess I'll be you know, get the best experience...not for the sex and boobs >_>

Jaces3109d ago

Awesome...but I'll have to play at night when the wife isn't around.


dragunrising3109d ago

If the US version is edited, I'll have to import. Even so, I hope Quantic Dream offers an unedited version to buy online; not a fan of import tax.

Hellsvacancy3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Thank u mum and dad 4 conceiving me in the Uk :-)

MazzingerZ3109d ago

I guess that's typical...nudity forbidden but Kratos pulling off the head of someone is are used to that, they see that everyday unlike nudity...internet has nothing of that and kids don't know how to use it LOL

menoyou3109d ago

That blows big time. Stupid liberal media censoring everything. How obnoxious. I'll just import the European version.

XGRaViSmOrSX3109d ago

thank god the ps3 isnt region locked.

harv0523109d ago

This is stupid considering you see more boobs and violence on regular cable tv...And no one is censoring that...

Armyless3109d ago

This has nothing to do with kids, fortunately.

The Great Melon3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )


Liberal media probably doesn't care about this stuff as much conservative media, remember the Mass Effect "sex scene" on fox. Either way I hate the bias of both.

N2NOther3109d ago

I can only assume that you have no idea what "liberal" means.

SprSynJn3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I can only assume you are not aware of what our current Secretary of State has been staunchly attempting to do ever since she landed in New York.

dragunrising3109d ago

Banning violent and nudity filled video games is a non-partisan endeavor.

sirbigam3108d ago

Wow toned down for America, bad news for Australia big time, hope they even get the scene.

marinelife93108d ago

I know which version I'll be playing

N2NOther3108d ago

She can claim liberal all she wants. The true meaning of liberal is quite the opposite of censoring games and other media.

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Parapraxis3109d ago

Ah damn.
Guess I might have to import this one.
Glad I have that option =)

sa_nick3109d ago

Yeah me too. If the US version is gonna be censored just imagine what they'll do what they release it in AUSTRALIA!

Stunt3109d ago

When are games ever rated R? I think in Europe, that would be 18+ on the box. =]

WhittO3109d ago

Yup haha, we have ratings of 18+ or 15+ etc.

Im made up, now i know they wont cut scenes out of the game for being "too adult" or "too violent", it really is a game for "mature people" lol

Menchi3109d ago

It's getting a bit tiresome that titles which will have a focus on the reality of life, will inevitably be doomed to never see the light of day.

The difference between media classification is terrible. I mean, take a look at Movies. You can go to a 15 rated Movie [UK] and see full frontal, murder, violence, gore and drug use, and apparently, 15 years old are fine watching it.

Now, you take a game, it's suddenly too much...

table3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

too right mate. Even some of the things I see in PG 13s I think, can they really get away with that? Yet as you said when it comes to games its all of a sudden frowned upon. The things you see in films is far worse not to mention the sexually conotated adverstisements you see everywhere these days.

No FanS Land3109d ago

Exactly, one movie has a certain degree of violence to be PG13, but translate that amount of violence seen in the aforementionned movie and the game is mature 17+. the reason behind this must be because you are granted control and interaction of the violence. I'll never understand how underworld3 got away with PG13+ while it's more violent than Underworld2 and it's 16.

Macrike3109d ago

You can't compare both industries.

Video games are an immersive experience, where the player has control over what's happening, makes decisions and takes part into the action.

Movies are viewed from a spectator point of view. They don't make decisions, the can't control what's happening. It's less immersive.

That's why video games should be rated with different criteria than movies.

I don't agree with modifications and censorship like what happened with Manhunt 2. I think mature games should be rated for 18+ and enforce the law on to parents who purchase these games for their children.

IndigoProductions3109d ago

Because you are virtually acting out those bad deeds. That is the difference.

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belal3109d ago

i am getting this game :D

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