Confessions of a Game Store Customer

It's time for me to come clean to all of you Game Store clerks out there, I've been holding this in for a really long time and I need to get it off my chest. Hopefully this doesn't violate the non-disclosure agreement that I and the other 20 million Game Store customers signed, otherwise I could loose my license.

Look, it's not that we hate you or the establishment that you're a tool of. It's just that, well how can I say this… you're acting kind of obnoxious. All retail sucks, ask anyone who's ever worked at a record store, a video rental store, or an American Eagle. They'll fill your ears and your hearts with tales of customers yelling about nonsense, district managers imposing strict new sales policies and monotonous half-hearted rituals they must complete during each and every sale.

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Neutral Gamer4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

That's actually a really funny article. Looks like the old adage of "Funny cos it's true" is right after all.

Good to read the other side of the argument, i.e. from the customer this time.

Good find to whoever the contributor is. :)

ItsDubC4267d ago

While it's not really news, it definitely is a good article. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks some of those gamestore clerks are pretentious.

I went into Gamestop last month and asked when Super Paper Mario for the Wii was comin out and the store clerk said "April 9th, have you reserved your copy yet?" I was like, "No thanks, I'll just wait." And he laughed at me as if I was an idiot for thinking that Super Paper Mario was gonna be widely available. I said, "Well, I haven't finished Zelda yet so I can wait." And he laughed at me again, saying in a pompous tone, "You don't play games much do you?" I just left but had to refrain from telling him that I don't have much time to dedicate to single-player games like Zelda cuz I actually have friends/gf who I spend my gaming time w/.

It has been my experience that gamestore clerks are more likely to lack social skills than clerks at other kinds of retail establishments.

Ru4267d ago

My game Store Guys Are pretty cool
I guess im lucky
but there have been some morons thru there over the years!