Kotaku: Star Wars the Old Republic Preview

SWOTOR is Bioware's take on a Star Wars massively multiplayer online game complete with full voice acting for all scenes, the ability to play as a number of classes on either Republic or Sith side. The game takes place 3,000 years before the rise of Darth Vader and 300 years after the events of the Knights of the Old Republic.

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user39158003478d ago

No need to worry it will be exclusive to the winner of E3 MS All the way

user39158003478d ago

Get out of the way here comes MS with the money bag, telling sony your conference suck and we are getting kotor.

TheAntiFanboy3477d ago

...Microsoft has nothing to do with TOR, you dolt.

tdogchristy903478d ago

So I played swg for roughly 5-6 years and enjoyed every second of it. Due to that I'm extremely excited about the possiblities of this game and get back to that feeling that swg gave me. However, I'm getting ready to start graduate school and don't feel I could give the time required to a mmo. When I first saw them announce it my response was "HELL YES" and at the same time "I'M GETTING TO OLD FOR THIS S****" lol. So to conclude I'm very excited about this given my experience with swg but I'm also unsure in that I'm getting to "old".


mistajeff3477d ago

I'm extremely excited about this, but I have to say that all these previews have left me with a ton of questions. If you're with a party on a quest, who makes the dialogue choices? Do you have to decide who gets to talk and make the decisions? What if I'm questing with someone and I decide to save that captain, and then the other person turns around and kills them and screws up the plot progression I wanted for my character? The more I think about this, the more I want to go it alone and never play with (or against) any other players.

How will they make each player feel like they're making a difference? If the Sith story arc goes on some epic journey to deliver a crushing blow to the republic, and vice versa for the Jedi, how is anything in the game world actually changing? The beauty of the KOTOR games is you feel like you're making a difference on a galactic scale.. it's kind of hard to make every single player feel that in an MMO. If they have this amount of story content, they should've made some kind of open-galaxy massively single-player RPG, because I feel like that would've given them a lot more freedom and your actions could impact the overall galaxy in a much more decisive way.

Still day 1 for me though haha.

kaveti66163477d ago

I wish I had a decent gaming rig. I loved Kotor and I hear this MMO is like a spiritual successor to that. Bioware did a great job with Kotor so I know this is going to be awesome.

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