God Of War 3 Head Rip

This is the infamous head rip that set E3 ablaze when it was shown during the game play, I thought you guy's would like to see it for yourselves. Most sights are not showing it but we keep it GULLY over here!! Post comment to let me know it this will make you buy the game or is it to gruesome. I personally think that it is what next gen gaming is all about.

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360isthebestps3sucks3479d ago

yep.. god of garbage war 3 looks dated...

drdistracto7073479d ago

Kindly tell us all how that looks dated...

try finding a game on 360 that lets you rip somebody's head off

irish-leprecaun3478d ago

no more gay gamestop employees stoping me from buying a game!

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KionicWarlord2223479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )



Ok maybe my first comment was offensive but on a serious note.


The_Zeitgeist3479d ago

Then don't buy it. The rest of us just popped gore chubby's.

SaberEdge3479d ago

Gruesome! But that is what God of War has always been like.

The graphics are nice too.

KKanjiAnkh3479d ago

It's not worth losing your head over, LMFAO.

Sarcasm3479d ago

Looks like he won't be the... Head of Olympus anytime soon... Mwa ha ha ha...

(austin powers)

chrisnick3479d ago

kratos is the best looking character model that ever existed.

Sarcasm3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Aside from the brutal head rip, does anybody else notice how insanely detailed Kratos is? The blood stains on him, the scars. Man that's one mean looking dude.

phosphor1123479d ago

I cringed when I saw like the skin tear up and stuff. That was f*ckin brutal!

raztad3479d ago

I dont mind the head ripoff but those graphics are insane, even though the video is low quality

GamerPS3603479d ago

hitting disagree on my first post telling me that this is not violent. God help your soul if you have one.

wait : I don't believe in God.

Darkeyes3479d ago

One can actually see the skin develop strain when it's pulled and the expressions on Helioses face of sheer fear is priceless... Man those GODs are in for some violent endings. I hope Kratos rips Zeuses head and thrusts it up his ass.

eelnats20003479d ago

**Regarding your comment below, on the next page**

if you have a problem with this game, then dont buy it.

Just dont play it if it makes you sick.
This is what GOW is all about.

Im guessing you dont watch scary movies as well?
Maybe no war games for you too?
I guess you dont really like the idea of Left for dead, or maybe shows like House or CSI because it has some sort of blood?

Do you start petitions against them too?

KKanjiAnkh3479d ago

That's how you tell a M****F**** to let go my EGGO.

Johnny Jiron3479d ago

The ripping, the blood curdling scream or the fact that at the end he looks to wipe his ass with the head (yes I know he isn't, I'm just saying)

Anyways at the very end it says to hold L1 and then tap R1 to remove the head...I say this would be a moment to implement that six axis and have you twist and yank with the controller...or maybe thats a bit to far eh?

Rainstorm813479d ago

herees aa more detailed pic of kratos holding helios head

Trebius3479d ago

Try to keep a cool head... *snicker*

Dark General3479d ago

Is the reason I brought my Ps3 back in 2007 immediately after finishing GoW2.

FamilyGuy3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I read all the comments so far and a couple people said things that stood out.

Heilos is still a god and immortal
When Kratos rips his head off he's still kinda alive because he's screaming when you use the head.
The "Helios Head" accessory is used to find secrets in the game and to blind enemies along with cause enemies to emit light once Heilos is shined on them for a short period of time, with the purpose being so that you can see who you're attacking in a dark room.
To find the secrets with Helios Head the controller will shake to let you know when you're near a secret but i don't know what happens for those without DS3 controllers to know a secret is present.

Agreed: The six axis would make good use on tearing off his head on this part.

This is the final episode of a trilogy but that doesn't mean it's the last GOW. There's still room for prequels anywhere within the story. I myself can imagine one that starts before all of this where you command Kratos as Army General(?) of the spartans or something like that.

BTW: I got all that from reading and watching trailer and gameplay vids so i was just bundling the info for those who didn't read those answers.

Props to HipHopGamer for finding a non-youtube vid cuz im sure youtube would get reports and take it down.

The vid actually gives Uncharted 2 a run for it's money in the in-game graphics category.

Winter47th3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Wow, it's not that I have a problem with violence in video games, it's the method and the cause of'em, the guy was helpless, he didn't look like a monster or even attack Kratos, why brutally rip his head off when he can't defend for himself or post any threat? just for kicks and how 'badass' it looks? there's a blur between what's violent and what's sick, this, was sick.

FamilyGuy3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

He didn't do it "for kicks"
He did it as revenge for the things that the gods put him through.

The developers did it "for kicks" and as you can see by the majority of the comments here that it was a welcome inclusion into the game. The fact that there's only like 1 360 fan here complaining about this PS3 exclusive is testament to that.

Even 360 owners want this game and they admit it.

Winter47th3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

What does wanting this game by the 360 fans have anything to do with this..

When you rip somebody's head off in combat, hey, he asked for it, but when he's lying there, powerless, that you take it is as an advantage and cut his head off when he can't even stand up, that's ****** up.

The concept of GOW has always been intriguing, the game is a masterpiece, it's a war against monsters and mythical gods, but the execution has to be better than this, it's a revenge, sure, but that doesn't mean it has to be so sadistic.

thesummerofgeorge3479d ago

Ummm... That's what games are for... KICKS. If you're playing your games for any other reason, and only ok with doing your virtual killing if you have a good enough motive in the fictional storyline, then you have issues. The game is all about gratuitous violence, and it's fun for that reason, so don't play games like GoW if you don't like that.

Winter47th3479d ago

That's what they've said about Hostel, if you don't like seeing people helplessly strapped in a chair getting their eyes popped and their guts torn open, just for 'kicks', don't see it. I'll play GOWIII for the story and gameplay, but this's one part I ain't gonna enjoy.

thesummerofgeorge3479d ago

hahaha, sure buddy, you wont enjy it... Can't feel that strongly about it if you'll still buy it and play it through.... can't be that fvcked up. And this is hardly like hostel... he's out for revenge, and you don't even know the context of the situation, they could have just been fighting, and that was the end of it.

The Great Melon3479d ago


If you watch the video, he is not just laying there. When Kratos tries to rip off his head the first couple times, Helios flashes him. He is still fighting. Also this is the last of the fight probably.

Darkeyes3479d ago

@Winter47th... Dude GOW isn't was the weak hearted and people who follow principles of non-violence...

For the reason why Kratos rips Helioses head.. Well for one, the head is required to show him the doors and ways that only Gods can see.... He can't carry Helios entire body everywhere.. Another thing why he rips his head is cause Helios betrayed him.. Just play GOW:COO on PSP and you will know what I mean. He saved Helioses ass back then and Helios returned the favor by bloody plotting with Zeus to kill Kratos in GOW2 (well it was Zeuses plan, but all the other Gods supported him)... Well if I got killed and then got a chance to come back from the dead, I would definitely kick the ass of the one who killed me or plotted it.

And at the end of all this, it's a bloody Game... Don't get senti for game characters... I mean they are polygons for Gods sake (Oh I mean Kratoses sake).

gambare3479d ago

Now THAT'S the Kratos everyone expected

FamilyGuy3479d ago

Exactly, I' don't like or watch the Hostle movies because of the way I feel about that but I don't go complaining against those who find the fictional story entertaining.

You can see it being ok during battle but not on a helpless character? Strange:
1. I'm sure there was a fight first
2. Helios was still fighting back
3. It's easier and more believable for him to BE ABLE to rip the head off of someone hat's injured over someone that is still standing and fighting toe-to-toe. It wouldn't make sense to rip off someones head during a battle without making them helpless or fataly wounding them first.

LastDance3479d ago

One brutal move closer to not being released in Australia

callahan093479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The animation is realistic. I'm impressed with their work. And kind of disturbed by their imaginations! Hah

The way Helios' eyes move while he's getting his head ripped off was really disturbing and realistic looking to me. I'm starting to think this game really does have the most impressive graphics and animation of all the games at E3 this year. As of last night I was definitely still giving that nod to Uncharted 2, but this game takes the cake. Both are stunning.

TheForgotten0ne3479d ago

He didn't do it for kicks. Hellios is imortal, and we see he is still alive even after Kratos have ripped his head of.

So he did it to stop hellios, and to get revenge. If he hadn't ripped his head of Hellios might not have died. That simple.

And I thought this was a way better way to do it that just cut it of. Gives a personal touch from the developers, and it's more original then just use a axe or sword or something!


this is the very tale end of the these to fighting.

Kratos was fighting the footsoldiers and Helios the guy getting his head ripped off, was taking pot shots at him. Helios was also fighting a titan, who are kind of allies with Kratos (even though they will turn on him also)

Anywho Helios had it coming. lol

Go to gametrailers to see the whole scene unfold

TradingWarStories3479d ago

WTH is wrong with you? It's a game. People play games to escape from everyday stresses and your here complaining about it being too 'sick', don't watch the video then, dont buy the game. It's people like you that are ruining gaming's direction. Since the Wii, Sony & MSOFT have been jumping ont he motion control bandwagon.

The Wii is a FAD! It sucks the only thing it is good for is entertaining people when their around but my PS3 can do better(not being biased, my xbox has RROD'd). So please go play on your Wii, I don't recall you complaining about mad world? or GTA where you can shoot people heads off.

aksmashh3479d ago

With the chainsaw but thats abit crazy. I hope you can throw his head or drop kick it after

dantesparda3479d ago

Was that violent! God damn!!! whew! and this is coming from a guy who never thinks its to much. I feel sorry for that guy, jesus! Kratos, calm down man, that dude is PISSED!!!

raztad3479d ago

Not sure why you (fellow ps2, ps3 owners) are doubting Sony SM talent. For Kratos sake, those guys made GoW1&2, the best looking games on the PS2 (running at 480p). PERIOD. GoW3 will be at 1080p, EPIC in scale and with even better visuals than these. UC2 will rise very high the bars when released this Fall, but GoW3 will go even further. No doubts about it.

djevolve4203479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Come on, lets not start this. The game is better with gore. what we going to have gow3 be like mortal kombat and turn sissy on us.
sick of all the talk of, this is to much gore or sex in games is way out there. come on, you put the darn M Rated on there for a reason. it means don't buy unless you can handle the game or ur not old enough. just like the soccer moms or religous freaks of america to get into everyone elses lifes, telling everyone what should be acceptable.
I can't stand those types of people, just cause ur husband/wife hates your guts and is with the secretary/boss, maybe that should be enough for you to not be a busy body.

Push the envelope, don't let these religious nut balls push you around.
They all can't realize that evolution is a fact and they are just pooping on our parade.

GameForFame3479d ago

But that's why it's soooo f***ing awesome! hah, is this really gathering a lot of heat from people?

I mean, I could see a few people making a big deal, since some seem to look for any opportunity to jump on a game/scene/single part but it's not that crazy. I mean, the other God of War games had some intense moments, maybe no head removing moments, but's the next gen and we gotta represent with some style! This game is going to be f***ing ill, and who cares if it doesn't come out in certain territories....

...that's why the region free PS3 games are so easy to import. Just buy the US copy, that'll be as bloody as any of them.

AriesFury3479d ago

This is no more violent than GTA or Gears.

red5ive3479d ago

i was cringing the whole time kratos was trying. wtf?!

I love video games3479d ago

wow i cant wait to rip someones head off, too baddass

zizco53479d ago

jajaajja you are a pusssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

ChozenWoan3479d ago

Yea, it's a no brainer... for gamers anyway.

I hadn't played GOW 1&2 until just a few weeks ago. Boy was I missing out. EPIC is an understatement. Ohh the Violence, the Gore, the "Twins" ohh my!

Gore, Sex, and Orchestra!
That's GOW for ya.

Sarcasm3479d ago

Winter47th, stop acting like a little sissy girl already.

Nobody had a problem in Gears of War when you chainsaw dudes in their backs and cut them in half. Nobody had a problem when you stepped on and crushed their heads into morsels even though they're already down.

It's God of War... War = Terrible things. Kratos used to be the God of War... He's one messed up dude. He'll kill anyone who gets in his way if he needs to, and Helios got in his way.

Karum3479d ago

Ripping off Helios' head isn't just gore for the sake of gore, if you've watched the video from E3 you'll know that there's a very good gameplay reason for ripping it off.

And as for you playing the game for the story, gore and brutality has always been a big part of God of War and Greek Mythology in general.

BLuKhaos3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

WOW Now this is hardcore.Too bad this game will get censored because of whinny soccer moms throwing the blame off themselves for being lazy,fat whores and not doing their jobs as parents.

Edit:I thought about something;This would be a great game for someone who has anger management problems.

KaBaW3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I agree with him on the helpless part. Just like in war, don't kill civilians.

But, as you said, I'm sure that he was fighting Kratos and that was the end of the fight.
Besides, he's a God(right?), so Kratos gonna do his thing..
And, so, I say rip that muh'fruckers head off! :D

rockleex3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )


BTW, Helios is not "helpless". He's a god, an immortal. And this is a war. Hell, if you saw the previous segments of the demo, Helios was riding around on his horses fighting the Titans(the good guys).

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LONEWOLF2313479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Now that looks awesome! It is extremely detailed and true to life. Wow just WOW. Was that Helios by the way...........??????

Sarcasm3479d ago

that's what's left of Helios at least lol

gta28003479d ago

How did Helios become mortal? Was he even immortal to begin with? I was under the impression that all the gods in Olympus were immortal.

Hububla3479d ago

That doesnt mean you cant rip his immortal head off and keep it attached to your belt so you have someone to chat with for the long journey to the top of mount Olympus! even kratos gets lonely....

TheForgotten0ne3479d ago

Bubbles for you! Laughed by that comment! Sweeeet!

TradingWarStories3479d ago

Maybe even some sexy time ;o *rollyeyes*

Aggesan3479d ago

^^ Better knock out his teeth first then.

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kaelix3479d ago

dude that was gnarly @[email protected] I WANT THIS NOW :O hope it gets better more gore