Giant Bomb: DJ Hero Hands-On

Giant Bomb writes: "Previous attempts to turn record spinning into gameplay have left me almost totally disappointed. That's not to say that the Beatmania games are bad, but the turntable in that game may as well have been a button. Despite some weird-sounding stuff, like putting buttons on the record itself, DJ Hero ends up looking and feeling a bit more like the real thing than the games that have come before it. And after seeing it in action and talking to a couple of the people behind the game, I've come away from the demo feeling pretty excited about the game's 2009 release. The one big question still remaining is the price. While retailers have been listing the game as a 10/27 release for $120, Activision isn't confirming that date or that price, and would only say that the price would likely be closer to the neighborhood of the guitar-and-game Guitar Hero bundles, which are more like $99.99".

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