Giant Bomb: Dragon Age: Origins Hands-On

Giant Bomb writes: "Based on my brief demo, it seems like Dragon Age is fully functional on the 360. My gut feeling is that you'll be best served playing the PC version if you have the option, but if you do all your gaming on a console, you can rest assured you won't be missing out on much--if anything, since BioWare is continuing to refine and test the console controls--by playing one of the console ports".

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lord_of_balrogs3480d ago

Sound like the the 360 version won't be hampered. I wonder if Bioware themselves are making the PS3 version as no demo was shown or if another EA internal studio is handling the port.

TheColbertinator3480d ago

If EA is porting Dragon Age with another internal developer,they should have Criterion do it.Criterion has stated their comfort with the PS3 hardware

TheColbertinator3480d ago

Dragon Age sounds like it can take game of the year.