Ratchet & Clank Future Incredible Screens

Wow, the recent trailer really didn't do this game justice at all. Follow the link to see Ratchet & Clank: Future High-Res Screenshots.

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techie3903d ago

Wow! Those High-res photos are amazing :)))

consolewar3902d ago

because we know the Ps3 for his dull or faded colors. Anyone?

SmokeyMcBear3903d ago

what dude, these graphics suck, i mean cmon, look at all the jaggy whatchamacalits, this is so last gen, the 360 is so much better than the ps3.. ok ok.. im actually starting to get nauseus... these pics looks incredible. It is actually playing a cti movie, but the gpu and the cell and the errrrr... this game is going to be great.

The_Firestarter3902d ago

You're just a graphics whore. The 360 isn't the greatest console in the world, so grow up.

FYI, I'm not a ps3 fanboy. I use to, but I stopped caring about this console war crap.

CrazzyMan3903d ago

Very impressive, first next-gen platformer! =)

techie3903d ago

Look at the subtle hair on his ears! Look at the draw distance...look at the leaves and the rock texture and reflection wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bigmac5733903d ago

This game is in a video I made for the PS3. Check it.

techie3903d ago

Very good :) Shame we can't get an HD version