Is Mysterious Zelda Character Anthropomorphised Sword?

As is the norm in the gaming world after an important announcement, gamers are already excitedly exchanging rumours regarding the latest Zelda game, details of which were released by Shigeru Miyamoto at a behind-closed-doors conference a few days ago.

The most prevalent of these rumours, however, seems to be the theory that the blue female character is actually an anthropomorphised form of the Master Sword, based on the gem inset into her chest and her hood which seems to resemble the tip of the blade. This could also potentially explain why Link is not bearing any kind of weapon in the art.

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ChickeyCantor3480d ago

" her hood "
In Windwaker the Fairy Queen looks exactly like her, so i think its hair XD.

Its to obvious, she must be the sword.

MisterNiwa3480d ago

I 'UHH DUHHH' at this article, Shigeru Miyamoto gave us a hint that Link doesnt got the master sword this time, which leads that she is the master sword, JEEZ.

iamtehpwn3479d ago

I mean, for Christ sake,
Midna was your shadow. xD

ChickeyCantor3479d ago

" , Shigeru Miyamoto gave us a hint that Link doesnt got the master sword this time "

Not master sword, he hinted out link doesn't have a sword in his hands..he was pointing out the obvious stuff.
He didn't comment on further elements of the game in progress.

Jink3479d ago

...she resembles the god-mother fairy from Wind Waker. I think this new Zelda's gameplay will be similar to the Zelda: HourGlass in DS. Only this time, one will be hovering the sword around Link using the new Wiimote's pointer and other features.
And maybe the new Zelda can have multy player options. Player 1 as Link defending and player 2 as "Adlez" (just naming her for now) attacking.
Similar to the "coop" in Mario Galaxy. It could be awesome like that.

That's my opinion.

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Gue13480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

That strange character is obviously a sword... Just look at the shape of its head and the color on its skin! It is just like a sword.

I just hope that Miyamoto don't ruin this game like he did with Twilight Princess. Those wolf stages are the most boring thing I have ever played on any Zelda game.

bigjclassic3480d ago

finally I got the pic of the promo poster. Good find!!
*Umm if the girl is the sword that means, that this game may end up being more combo based, than TP or WW. Lets say that she is floating behind you while you walk, and when you start to swing your weapon she;
in its place turn into said sword/weapon.*

This could get very interesting.

condorstrike3480d ago

I said this about 2, 3 days ago when the pic first came out.

as proof:

ChickeyCantor3479d ago

Yes that idea would be awesome.

hatchimatchi3479d ago

i don't care who or what she is. I just want to play a new console zelda as soon as possible. I really hope it's released fall of 2010, or sooner for that matter.

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