Miyamoto Laughs (Kinda) at Other Motion Control Projects


"Not worried at all. The fact that both of those companies are looking at finding ways to get the gamer off the couch, taking advantage of MC, and really getting the gamer to control the game by moving their body, shows that No. 1 they've looked at what we've done with Wii, and seen the value in that. And now they're moving in the same direction that we have already established. ... We've been experimenting with motion control for over five years now. Based on the announcements we've seen here at E3, it seems these other two companies have really only been experimenting with this only very recently. ... It looks like they're still in their initial stages and are trying to create experiences that at this point don't have the type of depth that we're able to provide with Wii Motion Plus."

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Spike473479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

He's making so much money out of this, while other companies are trying to take a piece of that casual market. Lets be real here, this motion sensing thing called Natal is overhyped, simply because it hasn't proven itself yet, when I see it implemented correctly then I'll take that back, but if I see Natal with more casual trash, then I'll keep laughing at how overrated this tech is.

(((the fanboys and the media are acting like MS has revolutionized gaming, but we are quick to forget who took a step in the right direction even though they tripped along the way.)))

ChickeyCantor3479d ago

" Lets be real here, this motion sensing thing called Natal is overhyped "
Dunno if its put to good use why won't it be good?

My concern is that MS and Sony will go with the mentality they can steal a big piece of that Nintendo-casual-chart just by bringing out these controllers. As long they don't market it right it won't be such a success like it is with Nintendo.

Being "real" here I think Nintendo made its own name linked to "motion controls". Not saying they invented it but I do think people will say Nintendo much faster than Sony or MS if you talk motion controls. so good luck to sony and ms to capture these people with their products.

really duh3479d ago

So do the PS3 fans judging by the attacks.

ZombieNinjaPanda3479d ago

Really duh:

No not the fans. I assure you the fans such as myself don't give 2 sh1ts about this.

The fans of either console could care less.

The fanboys are the ones who are going on a rampage. Get it right.

ButterToast3479d ago

both sony's and MS's motion controlers are going to fail. Why?
-it doesn't come standard with the system.
-the user base has some strange aversion to motion controls
-motion controls tend to be directed at casuals who arent going to want to spend at least 199.99 on a system and another ~$200 on motion controls in MS case (in sony's case 399.99 on a system and probably ~$100-$150 on motion controls: ps-eye + at least 2 controllers)
-third party support for these types of peripherals suck. look at the eyetoy and balance board. you really only see first party studios supporting it.

nintendo has the advantage as it has motion controls standard, cheaper entry price $249.99 (motion controls + game included), unbelievable marketing campaign that got them brand loyalty among the casuals, and the industries most recognized gaming mascots.

sony and microsoft are going to need some killer apps if they want their motion controls to survive. Microsoft might have milo, but sony really doesn't have anything to show yet.

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ChickeyCantor3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

He is also complimenting them in a sense though, he did say they are moving forward, in his own way that

dylantalon3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

ps3s motion control is the best because its actually very precise and it reads z axis also so it is better than the wii remote . natal isnt something that can be used in video games for precision gaming at all and if there isnt precision then games can become really frustrating . after seeing the E3 unveiling i realise that natal seems really gimmicky with all the lag in the riccochet ball game, milo, the water incident and the BAM incident .

a lot of people might say im a fanboy for sony but i have a wii and i hate the fact that the wii controller has a cord and that 1:1 precision controls were being advertised since day one but the wii mote isnt capable of 1:1 precision gaming without wii motion plus. the ps3s motion control is true 1:1 precision controller and if you saw the E3 unveiling then you would know what i mean. i would use the option of playing resistance 3 with ps3s motion control , would a lot of people use natal to play halo reach,?lol.

ps. the talon stands for talented

Szarky3479d ago

"ps. the talon stands for talented" are you serious? hahaha come one man.

ChickeyCantor3479d ago

" ps3s motion control is the best because its actually very precise and it reads z axis also so it is better than the wii remote"

So does the Wii mote...try again...LOL

kratos1233479d ago

does the wii mote also track how you stand and move not only simpel hand cordination i didnt think so i made my point good night sire

Montreafart3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Just like how Tony Hawk, EA, the other developers, Invisible walls are not too impressed with Natal and Milo either.

Miyamoto hasnt seen Sony's motion project however. Because if he had, he would be genuinely concerned...

xdye0173479d ago

Ofcourse he laughs. Only the Wii can print.......MONEYZZZZZZ!!!!

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