Agent: How it, might've, came to be

Jack Patton: "Cast your eyes back to our E3 prediction lists and then look up the four predictions I submitted. I got several mail & angry worded comments labelling me a fanboy for this, UP YOURS GUYS, but yes I was right. For those who didn't read my predictions, one of the few things I said was "Rockstar would announce their new PS3 exclusive franchise." Now the new questions is, how did I work this out and why are Rockstar so two-faced when it come's to 3rd Party Deals. On the one hand, they dish out Xbox360 exclusive content for GTAIV, and then on the other they turn around and announce an exclusive game to the PS3. Many would expect this to be multiplatform, and some fanboys will hold onto that, but I'll save you the bother by explaining how and why Agent came to be, then lightly touch on what it's actually going to be."

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sinncross3476d ago

It would be very interesting if LA Noire does turn out to be exclusive to the PS3 meaning Sony will have to exclusives lineup from Rockstar.

Gorgon3476d ago

"...but I’ll save you the bother by explaining how and why Agent came to be, then lightly touch on what it’s actually going to be."


Sabre_G3476d ago

Agent and L.A. Noire are 2 completly different games since Agent is being developed by Rockstar North and published by Take Two while L.A. Noire is being developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar.

shawnsl653476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Didn't rockstar said in the old interview (referencing to GTA) hinting that they needed more space for their next open world game?


Hydrolex3476d ago

That 50 million is helping Rockstar to make a PS3 exclusive !

Hydrolex3476d ago

Rockstar slapped Microsoft in the face, no wonder why Sony didn't spend a PENNY on GTA IV because they knew AGENT is gonna dominate !

ahahah and Rockstar got 50 MILLIONS FOR NO REASON !! LOL are you kidding me ? 2 DLCs for 50 Millions ?

Sony and Rockstar were planning it !

red2tango3476d ago

Hydrolex is right. 50 million for 2 crappy DLCs, are you f***in kidding me? lmao man I get a new full quality game rather than paying 20 dollars for an extension to an old game.

Off topic...
Hydrolex I'm guessing you like BWS?

Corepred43476d ago

there was an interview with Tretton and the ps3 was supposed to have gta iv as an exclusive. they had a deal or maybe they were going to have a deal. but then sony went ahead and let that game go multiplatform in exchange for like 2 or 3 other exclusive games. i'm guessing agent is one of them. and here's hoping for gta 5 for the other! lol..

StanLee3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I like how fanboys have no common sense. Next to Mario, Sonic and Halo, Grand Theft Auto is the biggest IP in video gaming. I doubt Sony intended to trade its exclusivity for an untested IP. That would be a stupid idea. Microsoft didn't spend 50 million for 2 episodes of DLC. They paid 50 million dollars to keep 7 million gamers for having the biggest reason to buy a PS3 and give it's console real credibility. In the process, they made 42 million dollars in royalties alone, and we haven't even counted proceeds from the game's sales. Anyone who thinks Microsoft hasn't recouped their 50 million dollar investment hasn't been paying attention.

Corepred43475d ago

but your wrong. thats what happened believe it or not. i know it sounds stupid of Sony but that was their decision. and hopefully it pays off.

madmonkey03475d ago

I work for Rockstar, and i can tell you now this game isn't going to be out until early 2011. We want to become the start of a new franchise and be as big for us as GTA. That is why we are making it PS3 exclusive so it can be the best it can be, we are not convinced that the xbox will be as competitive two years from now.

P.S come on hit the disagree button, call me a liar if you wish but do a Google search For Rockstar lincoln.
(we are looking for some localisation testers for a different new game so if you can speak another language send us your CV)

Saigon3475d ago

Actually you are inncorrect...Sony is all about new IP's...its part of their MO...Think about it when this generation started many Sony fans kept asking for the games from the PS2...expecting most of them to continue to be exclusive to Sony...But as like a generation sony has done with its PS consoles...they always enter the generation with New IP's...great strategy that allows creation of series...think about when the PS2 first release, we had Ico...Dark Cloud...Jak and Dexter...etc...and many people were like what are these games...and what happened...they revolutionized gaming...and now we have Uncharted 2...Heavy Rain...WKC...Warhawk...etc...

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LinuxGuru3476d ago

What the hell kinda grammar is that in the title of this story?

CSM-101e3476d ago

I read the title and I knew I was in for a treat.

nothere4133476d ago

Seriously, what the hell?

Raf1k13476d ago

it's probably by some idiot whose still in secondary school (they're high schools now just like in the US :S)

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Marty83703476d ago

Has been in development for 5 years according to the Devs, had to keep it a secret for that long. yet they done it.

thelastmexican3476d ago

It would be nice if it was actually in development for that long so that it comes out ASAP

Hydrolex3476d ago

do you have a source ????

5 yearsss ? No way ! give me a source or something

3476d ago
Raoh3476d ago

Intersting view.

But if i remember sony and rockstar/take two had a legal agreement. microsoft money was worth breaking the agreement but there was a clause that gave rockstar/sony reason for some type of compensation/renegotiation

rockstar offered an up coming title as an exclusive at sony's choice. Tretton then jumped the gun and mentioned L.A. Noir (for publicity sake no doubt) but nothing was set in stone or discussed further.

I don't expect/want microsoft to get in the middle of this deal. microsoft should instead take their contract breaking funds and discuss their own exclusive IP from Rockstar.

dktxx23476d ago

If you're referring to Gta4, Sony never had a deal about GTA being exclusive to Sony consoles. Rockstar is making agent exclusive because they believe that new ip's stand a better chance when they are exclusive. Why they chose Sony i don't know, but they say they are because they have faith in Sony, not because sony forced them into it.

HDgamer3476d ago

People are forgetting that Sony had two deals with Rockstar for new exclusives.

Persistantthug3476d ago

1. The US and half the world is in the middle of a SERIOUS recession.

2. MS just lost money for the year/quarter.

3. MS games division lost money.

4. MS closing game studios, even successful ones such as ENSEMBLE.

5. XBOX repairs and replacements have cost MS more money than they'd hoped....into the billions

6. MS is getting ready to release, push, and market a new Windows OS in place of the floundering/failing Vista.

You add all that up, and logic would dictate that cash might be a little tight at the moment. Hell, cash is tight for everybody these days.

Persistantthug3476d ago

"2002: Sony secures 3-year console exclusivity for the GTA series (terms undisclosed). This was later amended and terminated, allowing Take 2 to release it on Xbox"

kevnb3476d ago

you like making stuff up? Sinc when did microsoft ever report a loss for a quarter? Anyway, both sony and microsoft are more than capable of making a deal for an exclusive game, its just that in most cases devs would rather just make it multi-plat.

uie4rhig3476d ago

well, so far they believed right lol.. the only known thing about the game is that it's called Agent, and whether this guy's info is correct about the game.. and just coz its a PS3 exclusive, look how much hype it has generated already.. we don't know whether it's gonna be good or sh*t, whether it's gonna be anything we're going to like, whether it's gonna be a disappointment or not!
i do believe in R*.. they're not the kind of developer that underdeliver when it comes to PS exclusive games (notable are GTA 3, GTA SA etc)

Persistantthug3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Newspaper said it was their first loss ever.

I didn't make that up kevnb.

Edit you go kevnb.

Now, I'm not saying they absolutely can't or won't "buy" more termed exclusives....but I am saying that just like every other company, they are gonna have to use significant caution regarding their finances....that includes cutting back on the "buying games".

Edit #2...for kevnb....I fixed the link. And as I said, MICROSOFT CORP lost money....period.

I'm're wrong...I r teh winnar!!!111 :P

kevnb3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

nothing to get worried about.
I think you are thinking of this, That would be the gaming division only, which has actually been in the red more often than not until recently.
edit: clicked on the link, 404 link not found... nice heres one that works genius

TradingWarStories3476d ago

You should try reading once in a while.

Raoh3476d ago

I half agree with you. microsoft is technically hurting more than people know financially.

But, they have money set aside for lawyers, patents, marketing etc.

the smart move by microsoft long ago was to set that money aside early.

witih xbox brand doing well and their server business suffering (my company has refused to update our 2003 servers and rather ride till the wheels fall off) but the money made from xbox compensates..

ok so lets cut back on our server marketing fund and dump more into xbox.

also looking at natal forget xbox. some of this also touches their touch enabled computing. microsoft knows how to invest in cross research/development.

microsoft has historically dumped money into failing brands in hopes of striking it rich later.

xbox is a good example. many clowned ps3 for being a 3 billion dollar dump to create.. but it wasnt a loss, it was the profit from ps2.

xbox 360 was a 3 billion dollar cause the xbox failed. it was internally used money not profit from the xbox.

that's their strategy all the time.

you think those famous people on microsoft stage show up for free? that's another expense that doesnt really come out of the xbox budget but out of the PR budget...

during a recession microsoft doesnt scale down their funds they just redirect...

i'm no microsoft fan but i recognize that microsoft has learned a lot from when they were sued by the government for their windows monopoly years ago.

natal alone is no xbox vision, its a microsoft r&d that will be used for windows and maybe even mobile..

i hope the government takes gaming more seriously, cause they need to maybe look into microsofts handling of the media that represents a back end monopoly on marketing (MSN, metacritic anyone?)

back to the recession portion, they are doing better (or worse depending how you look at it) than most think.. an american company selling overseas. the dollar conversion is great for an american company.

on the opposite end, sony is actually doing a hell of a lot better than people think.. the overseas market is actually hurting them. american sales Dollar conversion is hurting them.

think about it (just a made up number) for every ps3 sold sony gets 60cents on every dollar coming out of america

microsoft gets about 90 cents for every dollar sold over seas coming into america

and with partnerships microsoft can afford the marketing.

microsoft has one goal, turn the gaming industry into their OS industry..

that's why i shake my head at xbox fanboys, its not the games, its the fact that microsoft will screw their customers if they were to rule the gaming industry like they did with the software industry. if microsoft ruled gaming... expect a vista like console out in the future.. matter of fact expect a new console every year (which we kind of have already)

mastiffchild3476d ago

@HDgamer-Sony, IIRC have two deals for new IP from R* indeed. One is for a single PS3 IP the other for two unspecified games to be exclusive to whatever platform(but people at the time thought all would mean PS3-IDK myself)Sony decides with R*.

That this is now forgotten is strange to me but, as far as I know there are deals in place for three R* exclusive games for Sony platforms. One deal is from the post GRA4 moves with the others predating it but reaffirmed at the same time. I've read it in OPM, a couple of sites and most recently the beardy dev bloke talking to HHG(of all folks) brought it back up-about three months back I think.

Anyway I believe the deals are real but, thing is, if R* have other commitments I don't know what takes precedent. I cannot, f'rinstance, see a new exclusive IP taking the place of the next full GTA-we'll see! Also, don't know if the deals were solely R*North-I don't think all three were though and R* have many studios. Many whose current projects are not known to us either.

kevnb3476d ago

re-read the article please. Their profits are less than before for the first time, they didnt lose money smart guy. Check my link for a full explanation.

dktxx23476d ago

That 3 year deal was in 2002. GTa 4 was released 2008, and the earliest it was gonna be released was 2007. + The contract was terminated so that GTA San Andreas could go to the ORIGINAL xbox. Not GTA4 going to the 360. GTA 4 was never bound to the ps3.

Since the terms of the agreement were undisclosed -according to your link- we don't know if Sony got free exclusives out of it. Nor does your link say who terminated the contract. And since Rockstar doesn't mind telling people they get paid off (MS exclusive deal) I see no reason why they would keep an exclusive penalty secret.

(And btw I meant GTA 4 was never bound to the ps3 exclusively, not the GTA series, I missed the 4)

Raoh3474d ago

less money next year from this year is a loss

budgets are created this year based on last year for next year

so if your corporate approves a large budget for large returns then its a loss

paper money in a way but someone has to answer for that loss

i'll use sony playstation as an example since n4g is about games.. truth is microsoft lost about 3 billion on the xbox an d reinvested 3 billion on creating the 360.. sony spent about 3 billion on the ps3.. but it came from ps3 profit.. who really lost money?

microsoft expected to lose money, sony expected to gain money that's the problem from a business model standpoint

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