Uncharted 2 Cutscenes Are Rendered In-Game

Badassgamer: "It's always been the tradition at Naughty Dog studios to create games with the highest cinematic visual fidelity possible, and they are showing this off even more in Uncharted 2..."

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chaosatom3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

First one wasn't? I wasn't able to tell the difference.

LinuxGuru3478d ago

Nope, they were. They're just reiterating the point for people who would think otherwise.

chrisnick3478d ago

uncharted is the 2nd best looking game so far, just the character model of kratos beats it by a hair, i saw god of war 3 in 1080p and man, holy omgwtfbbq.

raztad3478d ago



GoW3 will beat UC2, but by more than a hair. Those guys at Sony SM are really talented and ND is helping them. I'm sure Sony wants GoW3 to be something off the hook.

40cal3478d ago

This is not news, everyone knows this and has known this for a very long time.

Foxgod3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I dont own a ps3, but i follow the news for it anyway.
And i am kind of wondering, how come you people think God of war 3 looks better then Uncharted 2 ?

Because GOW3 looks so empty and plain compared to uncharted 2.
Just curious for your opinions....
So dont feel offended.

Elimin83478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

ND use in-game all the way through... Both games by the way.... Unchtd 1 & 2

Darkeyes3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Even Uncharted 1's cut scenes were rendered in game... I could tell it simply be seeing the screen tear occasionally in the cut scenes... But with UC2, they have taken care of every issue I have with 1... Aliasing, Screen tearing... everything is taken care and polished. Well done Naughty Dog...

@chrisnick... I agree, but I am pretty sure that GOW3 trailer is upscaled 1080P not native... The devs said that the game will come out at native 1080P... think how great it will look if it looks so great now....
Btw... I just saw the remaining portion of Demo on and boy I was literally blown away. You can actually see the skin of Helios develop strain and tear in realistic manner.... You can even see the veins of the Cyclops eye when it's pulled out.... Pretty sick... but Awesome. The textures and water seen in the last potion seem top notch... GOW3 will literally blow away any competition.

EDIT: @FoxGod... Just see the remaining of the trailer at gametrailers and you won't ask the question. Also, add to the fact that currently the game is at 720P resolution and will be 1080P when it comes out. It's not jaw dropping now cause the camera isn't really in the zoomed 3 rd person view... Just look at the game when the camera zooms in in closed corridors and QTE's.... the detailing is jaw dropping. Just wait to see the final product.. It will be better than anything you have seen... well at least on the 360.

PLASTICA-MAN3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I swear they are lying! The cutscens don't use in-game graphics, if so, why is the in game, in the PLAYABLE GAME YES, (I watched the E3 demo and I am playing the beta) Nathan Drake's hair moves due to the wind and chloe's horse tail moves and displays even shadows on her body, and in the cutscenes it does not???????? I will tell you: they are lying, the cutscenes don't use ingame graphics, BECAUSE INGAME GRAPHICS LOOK BETTER! YEAH NOW WE HAVE A GAME THAT LOOKS BETTER THAN CG GRAPHICS!!!!!!!! ;)
(Of course, you understand that I am praising the game, not the opposite, so no need to disagree with me, if so, you must be no other than a lame xbutt, thanks)
EDIT: Ok, I got disagrees, so I understand that this site is ruled by lame xbutts, it is a fact! Show yourselves cowards and let's have a real fight instead of stabbing in the back!

tmt3453478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I don't know why you got disagrees, I always wonder this myself. I don't see how GOWIII looks better than Uncharted 2. GOWIII probably will have more enemies on screen than Uncharted 2, but that doesn't mean it looks better than Uncharted 2.

EDIT: Why the disagrees? Uncharted 2 does look better than GOWIII, GOWIII may be in 1080p but that doesn't take away from the fact that Uncharted 2 looks better!

Foxgod3478d ago

Yeah, thats what i am wondering too, GOW3 consists of big empty area's with high res textures that dont have much detail drawn into them, making the whole look like its painted on.

Uncharted on the other hand got so many details and stuff on screen that i dont understand why people think GOW3 looks better.

GVON3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

In the first they used ingame but recorded the footage added a slight light upgrade and saved it as a movie file.So if this is live like MGS4 then thats awesome.

I did read a while back this was the case,ND showed IGN that scene in the train (VGA awards) and they were moving the camera around real time.

In regards the beta remember that it is a old build,and it doesn't look as good as the single player,as this cutscene image shows

it looks amazing


I compared the E3 demo and the old single player demo, the chopper doesn't make the plants in the jars move, like it it did in the E3 demo! Many other improved details, now I can notice that the game has a real physics engine built from the ground! Great!

50CALheadshot3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

as i have mentioned before, only ps3 exclusives will surpass ps3 exclusives. So far nothing else comes even close. the ps3s advantage is so crystal clear , that no one compares 360 exclusives versus ps3 exclusives

anyone remember the killzone 2 trailer? everyone doubted its authenticity and claimed it fake bullshots.

lol, funny that the console known for bullshots DOESNT GET CALLED OUT FOR IT.

Nathan1233478d ago

Uncharted 2 looks pretty sick. Now-a-Days all PS3 games seem to have cut scenes made from the engine... I even feel Killzone 2 had engine build cut scenes.

@Foxgod:If I hadn't read your previous BS comments, I would have thought that you asked a genuine question.. But just taking a jam on a PS3 game seems to be in your nature. Yes, I admit GOW3 doesn't look as good now, but it looks way better than any 360 game I have seen.

The game isn't even 1080P yet... Just wait till the graphical improvements come and then talk s*it. Just look at the amount of things happening on screen.... and ya see the ENTIRE demo and don't comment after just seeing the first part... Just look at the part with Helios and the last part where Kratos flies and gets attacked by the Titan.. Just look at the part when Kratos walks through the pitch black tunnel and uses the Head to show path... Just look at the textures and water effect then... The lighting is spot on as well.

Also, the game is a over the top 3rd person game unlike Uncharted 2... Seeing detailing of textures when the camera moves in is the correct way to judge in. So far I am impressed with the graphics and it's only 720P. If you are not, then sadly your fanboyism is blinding you..

Foxgod3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

If i wanted to take a jam at the ps3, then i would have compared GOW3 to a 360 game.
I compare it to uncharted2, so its a genuine question.

And ive seen the vids in HD, and i dont, and wont understand why you people think GOW3 looks better then uncharted2.

Its almost as if you selectively gawk at things on the screen, instead of appreciating everything on the screen as one whole being.
I find this very strange, on psychological level.

PS360PCROCKS3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

GOD3 in my opinion character model looks better. But I'm biased lol. But Uncharted 2 environments are more impressive. But Kratos is in a stone building from what we've seen. How hot can next gen stone be? lol...

SevWolf3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

@ above: lol i didnt know which kratos pic you were gonna take, ill just take the other...i didnt disagree, i dont know who did
On topic: Uncharted 2 is the best looking game ive seen yet, imho it beats killzone, and gow 3 will be better because, if sony santa monica are already workin and then get the help of ND then we're in for something big
but holy sh*tballs so the images gvon showed are in-game

Dark General3478d ago

This really isn't news since the first one was the same way.

Darkeyes3478d ago

@FoxGod: I get what you are trying to say, but the fact remains that GOW3 is an over the top 3rd person game where as UC2 has a typical 3rd view. It makes a hell lot of difference. Just look at Kratos in the closed corridors where camera zooms in and you get a similar UC2 view... The texture detailing and water animations from what I saw were as impressive as Uncharted 2. It's just that you cannot battle 30-40 people on screen (excluding big cyclopses and chimeras or minators) with that kind of a camera positioning and so the camera zooms out and the texture detailing isn't seen.. Simple.

But from what I saw in those videos, I am really impressed at the jump from GOW 1 & 2. And they still have 9 months to upgrade it to native 1080P.... The final product will look a lot better.

nix3478d ago

"If i wanted to take a jam at the ps3, then i would have compared GOW3 to a 360 game."

tha would have made u look like a fool. nowadays only ps3 games can be compared with ps3 games. ah... how times have changed.

Ju3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

First one was not rendered in real time. Same assets and all, but pre-rendered.

Richard: Thanks! Nope, the in game models are the exact same models that are used in the cutscenes. They also use the exact same textures. There really is no difference between them at all.

The only difference between the cutscenes and in game is a little higher quality lighting and shadowing. Hopefully not too noticeably different. We really wanted to keep the players immersed as much as possible. This meant using the same assets across the board.
Doesn't specifically say, it was not rendered in realtime (I couldn't find a ref just yet), but I am sure they said that before.

( )

Ah, found it:

Talking about movies, I wanted to mention they are pre-render using our engine using our engine on the PlayStation 3. The only reason we did this was to eliminate any loading time before or after a movie and make our memory management easier.

I'm not surprised for UC2, though. In the Beta you have seamless transitions between the game and some non-interactive parts, e.g. run across the bus and such, where the AI takes over. This is all done with the in game engine. If they can dynamically scale (like switch off AI and some stuff), they can up the renderer quality for those scenes and still run the in game engine.

Why o why3478d ago

though i agree with your opinion about Uncharted looking better than god of war you reverted to the usual foxgod by saying 'If i wanted to take a jam at the ps3, then i would have compared GOW3 to a 360 game'

i ask you this....................what game is comparable on the 360 to you know something we dont. Personally i wouldnt compare gow to uncharted as they are different types of games.

LinuxGuru3478d ago

Uncharted's Nathan Drake has more polygons than Kratos.

Ju3478d ago

I agree with Foxgod, there. But what stands out in GoW3 are the character models (and size of the bosses!), the level of details in those (like real knife cuts!) and the resolution of textures, etc. Its not a very lush environment, though.

Sarcasm3478d ago

Ah yes, one of my few complaints of Uncharted 1. The cutscenes were done in-engine but pre-recorded. I always argued that they could have done the cutscenes on the PS3 engine. Looks like they did it this time, but obviously with more detail.

Naughty Dog = King's of Playstation Hardware Pusher Upper Thingamabobs

Ju3478d ago

Balestra mentioned the memory management was the main reason. Why that is, is because if you'd load a new set of textures and geometry between levels, you'd need to clean out the mem to free up some space for the next level to load. You can do that easily while streaming a movie on top of that. You only need memory for the decoder and do not fill up any space, thus you can clear out most stuff.

Looks like now, they have worked around that with a more seamless streaming tech and there is no need to flush that mem. There was some time between UC1 and UC2, so it might have given them enough time to "fix" this.

gaffyh3478d ago

@1.5 - Because you asked like a normal person...Uncharted 2 definitely looks better than GOW3 especially in it's lighting and style. GOW3 on the other hand is being praised specifically because it's levels are massive in scale and they are dynamic, which is not seen in any other game. The first trailer they showed, shows Kratos jumping off a Titan's back, and it was all in-engine.

GOW3 is also meant to be full 1080p, I don't think Uncharted 2 has claimed that yet, probably will be running at 720p.

SuperM3478d ago

Well i agree with Foxgod in the sense that Uncharted 2 looks better then God of War 3. A quick example is that Nathan Drake has 25000 polygons vs 20000 polygons on kratos. Enviroments are also alot more detailed in UC2. However Kratos has some seriously impressive muscle tech, with muscle flexxing etc. Also with his 20000 polygons Kratos is still way more detailed then the standard in video games today. In comparison Marcus Fenix has about 15000 polygons. most importantly GOW3 has a scale unparalleled in any other game, and you only truly see how good GOW3 really look when you see him on top off a 600 feet titan.

ultimolu3478d ago

Uncharted 2 is GORGEOUS. I swear, I still cannot believe that was it game while I was playing.



All-33478d ago

Come on people --> READ

It's always been the tradition at Naughty Dog studios to create games with the highest cinematic visual fidelity possible, and they are showing this off even more in Uncharted 2, which is looking super freaking awesomely good, yes it required that many adjectives!

The major news we're going on about is the fact that Uncharted 2 uses in-game assets to conduct it's cutscenes, yes similar to MGS4, Uncharted 2 now features in-game rendered cutscenes, this is different from the first because the first actually had them pre-rendered with in-game assets and then played back to the user, this on the other hand is rendered in real-time.

--> ... this is DIFFERENT FROM THE FIRST because the first actually had them PRE-RENDERED with in-game assets and then played back to the user, this on the other hand is RENDERED IN REAL-TIME.

Alvadr3478d ago

I liked MGS4s cutscences that blended into the gameplay, that was so sweet. I hope they do that here.

LinuxGuru3478d ago

I stand corrected, I misinterpreted "in-game" as "in-engine" which is what the first game did.

Ju3478d ago

Well, just a note. "in-engine" does not require to run 30fps (or 60fps) as long as you can record with a sync framerate. Not saying that was necessary in UC1, but that way you can enable a lot more features even if the engine wouldn't be able to run those in realtime.

bnaked3478d ago

lol, you guys are insane. ^^

Is that the new fanboy war? PS3 games vs PS3 games???

Uncharted 2 has much more details and god of war 3 has the epic scale..
50/50 for me.. The rest is taste.

Please, don't argue about which game looks better.. You will be blown away by both games..

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yoghurt3478d ago

You can tell, I'm in the BETA, when it does the intro at the start of co-op the game just pans back a bit and that's it, your in game - you cannot see the difference!

Kain813478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

YOU CANT SAY IF IT IS CGI or IN-GAME or GAMEPLAY for the first TIME in CONSOLES history in my Opinion

Rofflecopter3478d ago

First, I didn't agree or disagree with you.

Second, that's because they never use CGI and it's all in game and in engine rendering. You can tell in the beta because the transitions during co-op are seamless. The camera simply pans back a little instead of showing a black screen or a loading screen. Everything looks exactly as it does during gameplay.

DaTruth3478d ago

My girlfriends sister was watching the U2 video with us and she said, "It's cool how they make the movie look so real", and my girl said, "That's not a movie, it's a game". Her sister couldn't even comprehend that that could be a game, she thought it was a CG movie like Wall-E.

redsquad3478d ago

I never doubted it for a second.

Donga3478d ago

from what I'm hearing it's like watching a CGI movie, the visuals on the PS3 are that awesome, forget compressed-to-hell videos on Gametrialers lol, play the damn game on the PS3!!!!!

Gosh, I wish I had that BETA :(

OperationFlashpoint23478d ago

I wish I had the BETA too dude...

raztad3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

UC2 Beta is amazing!!!! and I'm a mostly single player dude :D. Its awesome. Its not just run and gun. There are a lot of vertical combat. Meele. You should use your cover. OMG its awesome. and BTW the graphics are impressive.

I havent played UC1, so this is my first UC. Loving it.

I feel so happy. I got my PS3 in just the best moment. KZ2, inFAMOUS, MGS4, VC, R&C:ToD. UC2 DAY FVCKING ONE. Sigma2, ToD2. This is gamer's heaven.


Sorry dude!!

It wasnt my purpose. LOL. Just to share my feelings after some matches. In fact I preordered inFAMOUS cause it was my most expected game this year, and Amazon sent me a voucher code.

Donga3478d ago

Okay now you're just rubbing it in lol :p

I'd f'king kill for that demo, and from the sound of things it's pretty fantastic...well I guess I just have to wait.

Day 1 for me for sure...

mastiffchild3478d ago

Donga, mate, beg borrow or steal a code from somewhere. I was gutted when the first code I got from Shopto wouldn't workand I'm sooo grateful they got me another! The co-op is the best I've played on a console and the game still looks fabulous-does in every mode as well(today I have been mostly liking lugging treasure about!).

Ties with KZ2 as the most impressive PS3 beta for me and, like Raz I'm a SP guy at heart. If I hear of a spare code I'll PM you fella-I haven't yet but if I do you'll be the fist to know. I'll ask around in the beta too. Worth trying the official PS3 forums too, in my exp anyway, as I got both my LBP and KZ2 codes from total strangers on the EU forums. Good luck-it's so worth looking as well!

I doubted the wisdom of ND going with a MP section but they've REALLY pulled it off so far and even though I've seen a little(and I mean very little)lag it doesn't affect the play at all and that aside I can't really fault the beta at all and can only think how great the SP story will look and play. Stunning.

Buttons3478d ago

The beta is awesome. I preordered inFAMOUS from GameStop and got the Gigawatt Blades as well. Both inFAMOUS and UC2 are epic win.

Donga3478d ago

Thanks mate, I really appreciate it if you could. and thanks for the advise will check around the PS3 forums.

Thanks again man.

raztad3478d ago


Dont worry dude, I'm guilty. Problem is that UC1 is still full priced :D. I better get the second (60$ worthy) and get the first cheaper a bit later.


I want to try the UC2 coop but I need a buddy. I'll pm you, let me know if you are interested.

silvacrest3478d ago

isnt uncharted 1 part of the platinum/best seller range?

you should be able to get it for a decent price now

i recently got uncharted 1 (again) for £11 lol

Buttons3478d ago

Not yet, at least not in the US. It's still normal price.

DaTruth3478d ago

You'll have to wait untill it goes platinum, as it is still an incredible game and the U2 beta will just add to its popularity, because people trying the beta, will decide to buy the original!

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